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[VIDEO CASE STUDY] Reselling A Loaded Rental On Terms Or Financing

Targeting the proper “cash investor” list and understanding the income approach to value enables a NoteSchool student to sell a loaded rental property for more than the BPO value. Several investment concepts are enveloped within this case study:

  • Buy in states were the rent exceeds the “1% rule”
  • Make it easy for the passive investor
  • Importance of a targeted lead list
  • Buy on comp value, sell on income value
  • Offer seller financing and cash prices

Because this NS student did everything right, he and his investment partner were going to make money, it was simply a matter of how much and when.

Watch the video to see the result.

Kevin Shortle
Director Of Training And Research at NoteSchool
As a Director of Training and Research for Eddie Speed’s NoteSchool, Kevin has spent years collaborating with Eddie to produce presentations that both entertain and captivate audiences. Their depth of fully researched and sourced information combined with their daily hands-on experience will have attendees re-examining their current focus and efforts while compelling them to seek more information and to take action.

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