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In this video, our Director of Training Kevin Shortle identifies one of the biggest voids in today’s housing market. Huge opportunities await for note and real estate investors who understand and apply this strategy. Read More
In this weeks video blog, Kevin gives you a 5 minute snippet of a segment for our Membership-only Watercooler Wednesday webinar. The video segment covers two market dynamics that are fueling the housing shortage. These dynamics are creating market opportunities with creative real estate note financing. Read More
Are non-qualified loans the new “subprime” loans? In this video Kevin shows you that another lender recently created new loans programs for people with... Read More
In this short video NoteSchool’s Director of Training, Kevin Shortle will show you two good sources for your in-depth due diligence phase. Read More
Is it possible, in today’s market, to buy real estate with attractive terms? How attractive? How about low down payments and zero percent loans? If you know how to be a deal architect, you can take advantage of this strategy. Read More
In this video, NoteSchool’s Director of Training Kevin Shortle, highlights the most important information and relates it back to real estate and real estate note investing. There is mixed news so watch the video now to see how it may affect your investment strategy. Read More
In this short video our Director of Training Kevin Shortle will give you the proven method to getter better retention of both factual and conceptual information. Higher retention means that you can directly apply what you learned! That’s a valuable skill and this simple method enables you to start right away. Read More
This short video will discuss that and show you what we DO KNOW about the mortgage industry delinquency and foreclosure rates. Read More
Kevin Shortle will outline what transpired and then roll the live video recording where Eddie talks this NoteSchool member through the issue and solutions. Will this end with good news or bad? You will have to watch to find out! Read More
For the past couple years we started the New Year off with something a little different in the “In the Spotlight” column of our monthly e-newsletter The Buyline, and this year we continued this new tradition and I wanted to share that with you in this blog as well. Read More

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