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Do you ask yourself “Is it worth it?” I think the formula of profit today plus cash flow tomorrow is definitely worth it. Here’s why… Read More
You have to strike the right balance between not having a plan and over-planning. Check out this video for some tips on how to make sure you are not planning to fail. Read More
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Strategies like these reflect the value of thinking creatively to structure a deal. Check out this latest video for much more on being creative. Read More
In this Video, we discuss not getting caught up in the “paralysis of analysis” focus on these three buckets and you will be in the position to make your decision. Read More
Have you ever gotten into a deal that has kept you up at night? In order to sleep well at night it is important to take these three questions into account: Read More
In this short video I want to share with you how to be the corner office thinker for your business and the things you can do to move the dial so you are building a business with a purpose and making decisions that affect the direction of your business. Read More
In this short video, I hit on a few keys to making 2019 your best year in the note business yet. Read More
In this video I will show you my game changing idea. Learn how to create partials, and keep the back end of the note for yourself. Read More
In this video, we will discuss an old but very beneficial technique, but you better nail these 3 components. Read More

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