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How to Target Customers

The key to marketing success is to find the best way to get in front of your targeted customer. When in the note business you can easily to this using courthouse research data.

Now that’s “Old School” I’m sure you’re saying. Listen up – Just because its old school doesn’t mean it won’t work! Speaking of old school, what’s the best way to get in front of these customers? Direct mail.

Yes direct mail still works. It takes 3 key components; Compelling copy, effective Call to Action and the ability to “work) the call on phone (that’s called negotiating!)

The good news is now there are technology system available to leverage gathering the data now. NO more long days in the basement of the County Courthouse!


It just works!

Eddie Speed
Founder, NoteSchool

Eddie Speed
Founder at Noteschool
Eddie founded NoteSchool which is a highly recognized training company specialized in the teaching of buying both performing and non-performing discounted mortgage notes. He is the owner and president of Colonial Funding Group LLC, which acquires and brokers discounted real estate secured notes. In addition, he is also a principal in a family of Private Equity funds that acquires bulk portfolios of notes.

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