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Several years ago we identified a trend, which indicated real estate investors were increasingly looking for opportunities outside of their state. However, these investors faced obstacles due to market inefficiencies.

These inefficiencies included:

  • Market data to identify solid rental markets
  • Issues hiring contractors and other vendors
  • Scalability
  • Property supply issues
  • Availability of financing

These inefficiencies create opportunity…

Once we recognized the inefficiencies, we immediately started creating solutions, which ultimately led to the creation of our Turnkey Flipping Model. In this model, you can supply the huge demand for rental property from out of state investors by providing loaded rental properties WITH seller financing.

How big is this trend?

Attom Data Solutions just provided updated information showing 3.4 million single family investment homes (non-owner occupied) nationwide are owned by an out-of-state investor. That’s 16 percent of all single-family investment homes.

If you have listened to our trainings on this topic, you know we always refer to the “California investor” when referring to out of state investors. Well, the data confirms California investors lead the nation when it comes to buying real estate investment properties out side of their state. In fact, 24% of all investment homes owned by Californians are located out of state.

Kevin Shortle
Director Of Training And Research at NoteSchool
As a Director of Training and Research for Eddie Speed’s NoteSchool, Kevin has spent years collaborating with Eddie to produce presentations that both entertain and captivate audiences. Their depth of fully researched and sourced information combined with their daily hands-on experience will have attendees re-examining their current focus and efforts while compelling them to seek more information and to take action.

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