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Mobile Home Bankruptcy Case Study

Many real estate investors run the other way when they see Bankruptcy 13 and “mobile home”. This case study show why that is a mistake! In fact, note investors run toward these deals. Wait until you see how these investor were able to make a 60% annualized return on 1 small deal. If they hadn’t been trained by us in the note business, they would have never considered a deal like this. A solid education in notes and real estate is the way to approach todays real estate market.


Kevin Shortle

Dir. of Training, NoteSchool


Kevin Shortle
Director Of Training And Research at NoteSchool
As a Director of Training and Research for Eddie Speed’s NoteSchool, Kevin has spent years collaborating with Eddie to produce presentations that both entertain and captivate audiences. Their depth of fully researched and sourced information combined with their daily hands-on experience will have attendees re-examining their current focus and efforts while compelling them to seek more information and to take action.

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