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Plan Your Wealth

October 30, 2018
In his short video I will show you how to plan your wealth and how you can execute that plan. Read More

Be the Smart Note Flipper

October 23, 2018
In his short video you learn how to make fee income with note flipping. Read More

Scaling Your Note Business

October 9, 2018
This short video is a glimpse on how to scale your business into long term money. Read More

The Buyline, October 2018

October 4, 2018
Thoughts from the Desk of Bob Repass… I am super-excited that this year at NoteExpo 2018 we will feature a series of TED Talk-like sessions on Saturday. That’s right, I am putting together ... Read More

What is the True Yield?

September 25, 2018
In this short video, I will share a quick lesson on calculating interest on your investment when you’re buying a discounted note. Read More

How to Maximize Your Fee Income

September 11, 2018
Every time I speak at an event, there is a segment of the audience that always asks, “how can I make fee income.” You can do it today just as I did almost 40 years ago. Check out my response in the video below. Read More

The Buyline, September 2018

September 6, 2018
Thoughts from the Desk of Bob Repass… Recently I read an article in the Wall Street Journal about “How to Work Remotely in an Exotic  New City Each Month” Check it out: Of ... Read More

You Can Dictate the Terms

August 28, 2018
Watch this video to hear about a new tool real estate investors need for the different market cycles. Read More

Why Attend a Mastermind?

August 21, 2018
In this week’s video blog, NoteSchool’s Founder Eddie Speed, talks about the impact participating in a Mastermind the past 6 years has had not only on the success of his business but on his personal life as well. Read More

Deal of the Week

August 7, 2018
In this weeks video blog, NoteSchool’s Director or Training & Research, Kevin Shortle walks you through an REO case study. Read More

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