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The first quarter of 2017 will be a record breaker for the note investment business.

Every indicator shows the inventory logjam from the last 4 months of 2016 will be unleashed at a rapid pace. This release will create huge investment opportunities for those who are prepared.

If you have invested in any of the NoteSchool training programs, now is the time to read, listen, watch, and review! You will want to sharpen the skill saw in December so you are prepared to take action after the New Year.

On, drill down on several assets. Practice your due diligence. Review all of the 10 cautionary items we teach.

Explore the relationship between all of the numbers and ratios that lead you to a proper decision. Develop a good understanding of the flavor of the business and the numbers that make it work.

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In 34 years, we haven’t seen a better market condition for mortgage-backed notes. You can get started with us at several different levels so contact us and let us know how we can help you.

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