Market Trends Bringing Massive Opportunity to the Note Space

People often ask me, “What’s the biggest game changer in the note business today?”

No matter what business you’re in, timing is everything.

Why don’t you see Blockbusters anymore? It’s because times have changed! Well, times are always changing in the world of real estate, too. You’ll need a very different strategy for 2020 than you had just five or ten years ago.

In 2010, an investor could own a rental property and expect to reliably make 8% to 9% on your investment. The value of the property itself would reliably increase in equity as well. By comparison, back in 2010 a note would only earn you about 6%, so lots of investors chose to go with rental properties instead of notes.

But now it’s 2020, and the profits of landlording have decreased. But the headaches of unexpected repairs, vacancies, destructive tenants, high property taxes, etc. haven’t decreased one bit. Our research has shown that about 40% of these rental property owners are now burned out, and would rather earn headache-free money by becoming passive note investors.

This new reality is the big game changer of 2020 that has opened a huge door for active note investors! These burned out landlords are your source to find passive investment money to fund your note deals and build a portfolio.

I’ll explain all the numbers and details in this short video, so it’s well worth a click

The year is off to a great start,

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