Ben Haught focuses on passive investors who are doctors fed up with landlording.

Ben Haught took his first class with NoteSchool in 2008, during the Great Recession. At the time, he was a traditional real estate investor who needed to learn new techniques to grow his business in the midst of very challenging times. He has since become one of the most prolific members of the NoteSchool community in terms of his yearly volume of note purchases. He is also on staff with NoteSchool and helps at events as a liaison for onboarding new students.

He came across his first main client pool by a surprising way. He was having a routine checkup with his doctor, and his doctor asked about what he did for a living. Ben described how he helps people invest in notes as an alternative to landlording. It turns out the doctor had built a portfolio of rental properties but he was getting burned out on all the hassles of landlording.

Ben describes the story of putting together an initial note portfolio for this doctor who liked the results. He then invested far more money and started telling his friends within the medical community.

Ben now says he doesn’t have to spend anything on marketing because all his new business contacts come by word-of-mouth recommendations from his existing customers.

But that’s not all Ben does. He started Hammelmeyer Investment Group to help other investors get out of landlording to take advantage of the more attractive world of note investing. He earns transaction income on new deals, plus continues getting a percentage from the millions of dollars they have in note investments.

In this same episode, Eddie reviews some recent news items that are of major importance to note investors and others in the real estate community. One news item describes people who have bought overpriced homes in our current overheated market and now regret it. He also describes how the federal moratorium on foreclosures is coming to an end, which is likely to produce a huge way of foreclosures in the coming months.