Gary Nie and his wife are both veterinarians, and own their own clinic in Springfield, Missouri. (Believe it or not, he actually does acupuncture on horses.) They’ve been running their own business for 16 years. Even though he owns his own company, he realized he has been trading time for money just like an employee. He only makes money when he’s at the clinic seeing patients. So he started looking for ways to make passive income.

He tried being a landlord, but it turned sour after a tenant burned down the house. (Talk about a burned out landlord!) He considered note investing and enrolled in a 3-day class. He still has his clinic, but now he realizes he will eventually be able to replace his veterinary income with note income, while building a wealth legacy for his kids. You’ll love his interview!


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Lots of landlords get burned out. But today’s guest had a tenant who actually burned down the house! That’s when he decided landlording was not for him. He decided to look into note investing. You’ll love hearing the story of Gary Nie. He’s not a full-time note investor—at least not yet. But he could become one down the road.

Gary and his wife are both veterinarians. Sixteen years ago, they bought a practice in Springfield, Missouri and settled down to build their business and raise a family. As a team, they treat animals from hamsters to plow horses. He loves his work but realizes that he only makes money when he’s at up at the clinic. Like most people, he has to trade time for money. Gary loves being a vet, but dealing with large animals like cows and horses is a very physical job. He knows that he’ll eventually reach the age where his body won’t allow him to keep doing it. And he doesn’t want to rely on Social Security to maintain their lifestyle.

He tried landlording, but it was a disaster. The turning point was when he heard our host Brian Lauchner speak at a local REIA meeting. Gary was intrigued, so he signed up for a 3-day NoteSchool class and took along his 16 year old son.

He got into note investing because he wanted passive income (without the headaches and hassles of landlording) that could someday replace his income from being a vet. And according to his plan that someday is five years down the road. Then he’ll have the freedom to decide whether to keep his clinic open, sell it, or pass it on to his kids. He’ll also be able to provide a legacy of wealth to his family. His story is one any investor can relate to, so click the link and enjoy today’s episode.

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2:00 | Joe Varnadore brings the latest news: Home prices hit 45-year high, driven by under-building and low inventory. Homebuyers are snatching up new inventory. Median price up 18% YoY to $358.250. 34% of homes went under contract in 1 week, and 50% sold above listing price.

5:00 | Joe introduces today’s guest, veterinarian Gary Nie. He bought a vet practice in Springfield, MO 16 years ago. He looked for something that would produce passive revenue. He tried residential rentals but didn’t like landlording. He heard Brian speak at a local real estate meeting so he signed up for a 3-day class with his son. He now is committed to deploying his assets as a note investor.

11:50 | Joe describes how his own doctor asked him questions about note investing.

12:30 | Gary shares how his work takes a toll on his body and he knows he can’t do it forever. So he loves note investing.

13:15 | Brian says the longer someone is in the real estate business the more they realize the advantage of the note business. Note investing is the “good piece without the bad piece.”

15:18 | Gary likes note investing because it doesn’t have the headaches of landlording, like the time a tenant burned down his house. He hopes to eventually replace his veterinarian income. He wants to pass on the legacy of wealth to his kids. Plus he can afford to give back to his community.

19:10 | Joe loves how Gary is building a legacy by offering seller financing to local farmers.

20:00 | Brian describes how he ended up in the note business. His dad invited him to a class and changed the direction of his life. He talks about finding your “big why” to motivates you to build wealth.

23:20 | Gary says his future is to have a 5-year plan to replace his vet income with note income. Then they can choose whether or not to keep their vet practice or hand it over to their kids.

24:50 | Brian asks Gary to give advice to people considering note investing. Gary suggests taking a 1-day class to see if you might like what you hear. Brian invites listeners to an upcoming 1-day “Gold In Notes” class, which will also discuss how to make money from non-performing notes.

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