Our special guest today is Shaun McCloskey, who also happens to be the keynote speaker at NoteExpo 2021 coming up the first weekend in November. Shaun is the founder of Leadership Boardroom, which many consider to be the best personal and business improvement environment available.

People call him the “coach’s coach.” He specializes not just in achieving business success, but also in balancing that with personal success so that you’re pursuing the goals that are perfect for your unique talents and passions.

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As much as we’re focused on building wealth at NoteSchool, we also realize that money doesn’t buy happiness. We’re the first to encourage all our students to achieve balance between their personal goals and their business goals. That’s why our special guest for today’s NSTV episode is Shaun McCloskey, founder of Leadership Boardroom.

Shaun has mentored many extremely successful business professionals who achieved their business goals by working 70 to 80 hours a week only to realize that it didn’t make them happy like they expected. Shaun coaches business leaders from a wide range of professions. He meets part of the time in small group mastermind settings, and the rest of the time one on one. He helps them clarify their goals in their personal lives and for their business endeavors. He stresses that reaching your personal goals are every bit as important as reaching your business goals.

In today’s episode, Shaun is joined by Eddie Speed, Joe Varnadore, and Brian Lauchner—all of whom have been personally coached and mentored by Shaun through Leadership Boardroom. All three of these NoteSchool leaders testify how Shaun has helped them clarify and achieve their personal and business goals, while helping them stay focused and undistracted in their pursuits. It also made them better communicators.

Shaun will also be the keynote speaker at the upcoming NoteExpo in Grapevine, Texas during the first weekend of November. (So buy your tickets quick!) Shaun also gives a micro-preview of what he will be discussing in his presentation.

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2:20 | Joe Varnadore brings recent news: Where are the affordable homes? The current median price is $388K. Home prices are up 13.9% nationwide. He describes an interesting news item about the loan on land under the troubled Times Square hotel.

5:45 | Eddie Speed introduces today’s guest, Shaun McCloskey. He has coached the NSTV team, and impacted many others in the industry. He is the “coach’s coach” to help people be better communicators. He helps people find a work/life balance. He founded Leadership Boardroom where he meets in small groups to help people clarify and live their personal vision and their business vision.

12:15 | Shaun describes highly successful people who are miserable and depressed. They meet their financial goals but lose their purpose in life. He says personal goals often get brushed aside in favor of moneymaking goals.

15:15 | Eddie has asked Shaun to be the keynote speaker at NoteExpo 2021, which leads into the sponsor for today’s episode: NoteExpo 2021, the first weekend in November.

17:20 | Shaun will be talking about the 4 stages to a prosperous business: 1. Dare to Dream. 2. Know thyself. 3. Where are you right now, and what needs to change? 4. How will you get from where you are to where you want to be?

20:50 | Eddie describes how people come to NoteSchool for the content but they stay for the confidence.

21:53 | Shaun says the most important part of reaching your vision is learning to say yes to things that help you reach your goals and no to things that get you off track.

24:20 | Eddie explains that Shaun is a spiritual man and a family man. He says Shaun is living what he preaches.

25:45 | Joe and Brian return and vouch for the effectiveness of what they have learned from Shaun. Brian talks about overcoming his “limiting beliefs,” and how more focus brings more opportunities, which was a gamechanger for Brian.

28:40 | Shaun explains how people spread themselves too thin by refusing to say no to the wrong opportunities. He knows he can’t add a new thing into his schedule without knocking something else out. (And if we don’t choose what gets knocked out, something will get knocked out by default.)

30:50 | Brian closes the episode and invites everyone to get their tickets for NoteExpo 2021, and go to, and take a 1-day class called Gold in Notes.

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”I look at Eddie and the NoteSchool team as my board of directors. Having them there to answer your questions is invaluable and expedient to have that type of knowledge at my fingertips”

– Joe LaCount