A special message from Eddie Speed:

Here’s Your Chance to Attend… and Grow Your Note Business to New Heights!

I’m pleased to tell you I’m holding another 3 Day NoteSchool Class in the near future…

If you’ve made it to this page, it means you’ve read one of my reports or attended a webinar on investing in real estate backed notes and showed me your interest in this largely untapped industry.

It’s the business I love. And you’re going to love it too.

If you’re looking to dive-deep and get your note business off the ground quickly, then the next step is to attend a 3-day live NoteSchool class!

When you attend…

  • You’ll see why investing in notes is the biggest passive income opportunity available today (and why market conditions have never been more stacked in our favor).
  • You’ll learn about performing notes and non-performing notes… the pros and cons of each, and which is better for your personal situation.
  • You’ll discover how you can invest in Notes with very little money of your own… or even none at all.
  • You’ll discover how to use just $100 out of your self-directed IRA to grow a tax-free note empire (this is an unbelievable wealth building opportunity)!
  • You’ll learn about my all-new 50/50 model that will let you get in on note deals easily and how to get paid upfront (and still enjoy years of monthly cash flow).
  • You’ll get the skills you need to build a note business… providing passive cash flow (so you can reinvest in more notes or enjoy a better lifestyle now, and in retirement).

NoteSchool will allow you to build a real estate backed business without any of the typical headaches involved.

You’re not a landlord, you’re the bank! And banks don’t fix toilets…

You’ll be amazed at the quality of the information – all designed to help you grow a fortune in real estate notes.

All you have to do is register below to save your seat for the next NoteSchool Class…

I look forward to seeing you there.


W. Eddie SpeedFounder and President, NoteSchool

P.S. – I firmly believe there is no better way to invest your hard-earned money than in real estate backed notes. Heck, if you’re willing to do a little leg-work, you don’t even have to use your own money… I have students who do it both ways.

Come to the next NoteSchool class and decide for yourself. Learn more about my all new 50/50 model. You’re going to love it!

Big Money Non-Performing Notes Class

Rich Rewards Performing Notes Class

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