Wondering Where All the GREAT Real Estate Deals Have Gone?
Blame Wall Street!
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Fellow Real Estate Investor,

Wall Street has stolen 97% of the deals in your local market. So if the deals have been hard to come by, you know why. Stick with me and you’ll see why this is actually a great thing for you.

Here’s what’s been happening…

Mortgage lenders got caught with their pants down in late 2000’s. They gave money to people for homes they couldn’t afford… and caused the housing market to collapse. This left the banks with a lot of problems… one of which you might not be fully aware of…

There were more homes to foreclose upon than the banks had resources to deal with… simply too many homes for them to try and take back. So they struck a deal with Wall Street and created…

A NEW Foreclosure Process

Foreclosure used to go like this…

When the borrower defaulted and it became clear that they weren’t going to catch up, the banks first tried to auction the property for what was owed on it. If that didn’t work, they’d take it back and sell it through an agent.

Maybe you’ve invested in REO deals like this. They used to be good bargains. But not anymore. In fact, on average, REO deals only come with a 13% discount now. It’s gotten really tough to make a living on REO deals. And here’s something else that’s shocking…

While there are 9 million real-estate-backed loans in default across America today, there are only 300,000 bank-owned properties.

Which explains why the REO’s are harder to come by these days. So what are the banks doing with the other 8.7 million or so defaulted loans? Here’s what they are doing today… Banks don’t really foreclose on defaulted loans anymore. Not the way they used to at least.

Instead, they’re bundling them up and selling them to Wall Street Hedge Fund Companies like Blackstone Group…who was buying them up at a pace of $100 million per week in 2013. A hundred million dollars worth of defaulted mortgages each and every week.

That’s just Blackstone… there’s plenty of others too. They buy them extremely cheap. Literally pennies on the dollar. But this leaves companies like Blackstone with a problem too… they’re not landlords. They are in no more position than the banks are to take these homes back.

So in order to profit, they need to sell these discounted loans right away. The faster the better. Because they get such good deals when they buy in bulk, they can sell them at 20 to 50 cents on the dollar and still make money.

In other words, they buy them in big lots and sell them in small pools to average investors… with plenty of meat left on the bone for the investor to make out like a bandit. the trick is to understand how this market works…and to get on the inside with these Hedge Fund companies – so you can grab your fair share of these deals. And you can do just that. When you know how.

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“That’s why I am writing to you today…”

My name is Eddie Speed and I’ve been waiting for a market like this all my life.

What I’ve been describing to you is the non-performing notes market – a market I’ve been working for 34 years. You see, non-performing notes is nothing new. They’ve been around since people first borrowed money to buy a home – and stopped paying. If you’re looking for a way to secure properties and cash flow at incredible discounts, non-performing notes are quickly becoming the only game in town.

The subprime crisis has fueled my business to new heights. And it’s done the same for plenty of my students. It can do the same for you too…when you understand how to get on the ‘inside’. How do you do that?

I’ll share it with you in a minute. First, let me back up and explain what non-performing notes are…

Non-performing notes have been referred to as toxic loans.


Toxic because they’ve become poison to the lenders who are eager to get rid of them.

It’s not unusual for homeowners to have not paid a loan payment in 3 years or more…and still be in the house!

Loans are also called notes.

A performing note is a loan where payments are being made as agreed upon. Non-performing notes are real-estate backed loans where the borrowers are not making payments as agreed upon.

In my 34 year career, I’ve purchased over 30,000 notes. Many of them non-performing. You might be wondering… why would anybody want to by a note where payments are not being made? Good question. I’m about to make that clear.

When you buy a non-performing note, you get one of two things…

  • Easy cash-flow


  • A property at 20% to 50% of it’s “as-is” value (that you can then turn around and sell for big profits – or use to create a healthy cash-flow).

Here’s what happens in a typical deal… when you invest in a non-performing note, you are taking over control of a property where the owners haven’t been paying. The first thing you can try to do (especially if you are after cash-flow) is to get the note re-performing.

Here’s how you do that… maybe the homeowner (let’s call him Tom) is upside down with this home. He bought the property for $100,000 and owes $89,000 on it but today it’s only worth $70,000.

To make matters worse, Tom lost his job and had to take a lower-paying one. Frustrated, he hasn’t made a payment in over 3 years. Then you come in, buy the note and offer to work with him.

You have the legal and moral right to take the property over, but you’d like to work with Tom if possible. You’d like to help him stay in the house. Because this note was non-performing, you were able to buy it for $14,000 – 20% of today’s “as-is” value.

You offer to create a new note for Tom over 30 years at 5% interest. And instead of the original $100,000, you let Tom purchase for $70,000, saving him $19,000 on what he owes. Tom’s payments drop from $533 a month to $373 a month, giving him a “fresh start”.

Here’s how the math works out…

  • For only $14,000, you create a monthly cash flow of $373 for 30 years!
  • You get a total of over $120,000 in profit.
  • Tom gets to stay in his home.

That’s a pretty great deal all around. But it get’s even better…

  • If you do it right, the $14,000 you invested could come out of your self-directed IRA – making all of that profit tax-free.
  • In this deal, you’re the bank, not the landlord. Tom is buying the home from you and you have no more need to take care of a leaky toilet than any other bank does.

You’ve created a re-performing note. You’ve modified the loan so that Tom begins making payments again.

That’s all great. But what if Tom can’t or won’t deal? Or, what if they property is vacant? Then you take over the real estate. You get Tom to deed you the property in exchange for walking away. If that’s not possible, you foreclose. You’ve still bought the home at 20 to 50 cents on the dollar and you can…

  • Sell it immediately, for a massive profit
  • Rent to own’ it for cash down and a healthy monthly cash flow
  • Become a landlord and rent it out.

If you’ve been in real estate for any length of time, you know what to do with the property when you get it… the trick is knowing how to buy a $70,000 property for only $14,000.

Non-performing notes are the way. I’ve done it myself, thousands of times. And seen my own students doing it hundreds of times…

Consider Justin Wagner who started out with no money of his own…

JustinJustin Wagner

“I have learned that you can start your own business with little money and achieve great success. I am proof. We’ve purchased over $3 Million worth of defaulted debt in the past 9 months and feel that we can double that number very soon. This is an exciting, profitable business, but the best part is that you can make money while changing people’s lives for the better. Hat’s off to Eddie, I couldn’t have done it without you!”

Stories like that from from Justin really touch my heart and make me proud to work in this wonderful business!

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been buying notes for over 34 years. The last 12 years, I’ve been teaching real estate investors like you how to find, negotiate, and close non-performing note deals through my training company, NoteSchool. Now I travel the U.S. teaching others how to buy non-performing notes…

Note School’s BIG MONEY FROM BAD DEBT 3 Day Live Class!

Here’s a glimpse of what this live class is all about… the Big Money from Bad Debt 3-Day Live Class is highly advanced training for the non-performing notes industry.



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The great thing is… we start at the beginning and work up to the really advanced stuff over the course of 3 days… so even if you’re a complete beginner to real estate investing, you’ll have no problem keeping up. Along with my team, I’ll show you exactly how to buy real estate at 20 to 50 cents on the dollar… and you’ll buy only good quality real estate in nice areas, not war zones.

I run my Big Money from Bad Debt 3-Day Live Training a dozen times or more each year, in cities all across America. So you might be lucky enough to have one close to where you live. They are totally worth flying for and plenty of people do just that. It’s also potentially tax deductible, so you get to “double dip”!

At my Big Money from Bad Debt Live Training, you’ll discover…


  • Just how vast of an opportunity the non-performing note market is (you’ll be really enlightened as to where the vast majority of deals have gone in your market).
  • Why the non-performing note industry is going to be the only game town over the next 5 years (now’s the time to get in on these deals and ride the opportunity hard for maximum profits).
  • How to ‘get in’ with the Hedge Fund companies and present yourself in a professional manner so they take you seriously (this is where most investors fail when getting into non-performing notes).
  • How to read ‘the tape’ so you can pick out the best deals available (you’ll also see exactly how to fully analyze them so you don’t lose your shirt in the process).
  • How to set your note business up so that you can do all of the lay work yourself – to increase profits (or even better…none of the work, so you spend your days analyzing deals and making money).
  • How to setup and use a self-directed IRA account to do your note investing (so you can build a note empire and retire rich…tax-free).
  • How to use my ‘team’ to invest in any city in the nation remotely (this is how you can buy houses worth $40,000 to $50,000 for only $9,000 to $14,000, even if you live in a market like Baltimore or San Francisco).
  • A secret strategy that allows you to use just $100 in your IRA to get your first note under your belt (and you won’t have to give any of your profits to Uncle Sam…and it’s perfectly legal).
  • How non-performing notes can make you a landlord OR the bank (if your goal is to get property, this is the cheapest way to do it… BUT if you’d rather ‘be the bank’ and just collect the cash flow, you can do that too).
  • 7 non-performing note exit strategies (these deals allow for huge creativity which can bring big profit upfront AND big cash-flow on the back-end).
  • What anxious money is (and how you can find it and use it to get started – even if you have no money of your own to invest).
  • How there’s so much money in these deals, sometimes you don’t even need a calculator to do your due diligence (non-performing notes are so profitable that they are very forgiving of mistakes).
  • A little-known government fund that can put tons of extra profits in your pocket (and almost always help you keep the homeowner in the home as well).
  • How to hire a third-party to do all of the loan servicing (so you never have to worry about chasing people for money or handling a foreclosure yourself if it ever becomes necessary).
  • How to structure the paperwork right (so you’ll never have to worry about the many legal issues that can arise when you don’t).
  • How to set up a marketing program to attract deals locally (you can do these deals without the Hedge Fund Companies too and you’ll see how to attract those deals like a magnet).
  • And a ton more…it’s a full non-performing note education covered in the 3-day live class).
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I’m telling you, this 3-day Big Money Advanced Training is jam-packed with information… enough that you should expect to be able to start doing deals as soon as you get back home. It’s a mountain of useable information. But I am leaving out one of the best parts…

You’ll Learn From Case Study After Case Study

You’ll see actual deals my students have worked on – not made up deals. We’ll work though plenty of case studies and you’ll see why some deals worked and some didn’t. Here’s just a surface look at the kinds of deals we’ll discuss…

Non-Performing Note Case Study #1

After my training, Tom and Cindy Buckley bought a non-performing note backed by a vacant home. Using what I showed them, they were able to buy the property (which had an “as-is”, fair market value of $30,000) for only $11,700!

Since the home was vacant, Tom and Cindy had to foreclose which cost them another $5,000 and change. The house was sold in foreclosure and after fees, they received $40,000 ~ a total profit of $23,215. Not a bad profit! Especially since they hired people to help them every step of the way.

This is a typical non-performing note deal with good solid profit. Do this kind of deal 4 times a year and you’re making close to 6-figures without much work. Of course it can get a lot better than that too.

In this example, Tom and Cindy put $11,700 of their own money into the deal… instead you can find “anxious” money and put none of your own money down (in this case, you’ll have to split the profits) OR… make that profit tax-free by purchasing the note inside your Roth IRA.

Everybody loves real case studies. That’s one of the reasons we use them so much in the “Big Money from Bad Debts” 3-Day Live Class. Students learn the best from real-life case studies too. Here’s another…

Non-Performing Note Case Study #2

After our training, Keith bought a non-performing note on a property in Tennessee. The property owner had lost her job and hadn’t made a loan payment in 5 years! She hadn’t paid taxes on the property in 3 years either, and had even let the insurance lapse. The tax department was ready to foreclose… looking pretty grim, right?

Keith did his homework. He could have paid the back taxes out of his pocket and then foreclosed, but he didn’t want that to eat into his profits. So he found out about a special government program that saved the day (you’ll hear about this special program when you attend the Big Money Live Class).

His total spend to get the note was $8,100. Thanks to Keith’s creativity, the homeowner was able to stay in the home and Keith received a total of $40,111 cash from the government, upfront! That’s a fast profit of $32,011 – almost 5 times his original investment, but that’s just the beginning… Keith still owns the $62,000 property and is collecting 300 months worth of $595.91 note payments.

All tolled, Keith’s $8,100 investment should net him $218,884!

It’s important to note, tn the Case Study above, Keith is the bank, not a landlord, so the homeowner won’t be calling to fix anything.

And… if Keith takes my advice, he’ll pay the small fee to hire a loan servicing company that can collect his payments and deal with any defaults as they arise. A little work and creativity upfront gave Keith some big cash upfront and a great monthly income stream for the next 5 years. Heck, Keith could even sell his newly re-performing note for 50 cents on the dollar and get another $109,000 cash-in-hand now.

These deals are everywhere, if you understand how to work with these Hedge Fund companies to get them. Or, if you find them on your own locally. Both of which we’ll show you how to do.

Something else… You do not need to be wealthy to work these deals, they’re for the average investor too. It’s not hard. You just need to know what to do. That’s exactly what I teach you at my Big Money from Bad Debt 3-Day Live Class.

The 3-day Live Training gives you everything you need to get started buying and selling non-performing notes. That should be enough to make any investor excited… more deals with much bigger profits, right in your own backyard. Not much competition either!

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Let me sweeten the pot a little… when you register today, I’m also going to send you the recordings of a previous Big Money Class. The recordings are very similar to the Class you’ll be attending but with some differences too. I could sell these recordings separately for at least $500, but I don’t. I keep them for Big Money from Bad Debt 3-Day Live Training attendees like you.

FREE BONUS – Recordings of a Past Big Money from Bad Debt Live Event

Here’s why you’ll want to get your hands on these recordings…

  • Past events were much different. We discovered since then that our students learn best when we go deep into the case studies. Discussions evolve naturally so all questions are covered off.

    The past events had a lot more theory. By getting the recordings, you’ll get the best of both worlds…the training we used to do AND the new-and-improved training we do now. Lots of theory and lots of true-to-life case studies.


  • There’s a ton of material to digest at the Big Money event. And, while we take our time and explain everything fully, you will be happy that you have the opportunity to review the recordings at anytime – to answer any nagging questions, or to cement your learnings.

If you’re still on the fence about attending this event, here’s something to sweeten the deal even further… our QUICK ACTION TAKER BONUS.

Your 30-Minute Fast-Start

I recognize that for some, it can be a little scary getting started – even with all of the information you’ll have at your disposal. Or maybe you have no issue getting started, you just want some help creating your plan. Either way you’ll be thrilled to know when you register for my Big Money from Bad Debt 3-Day Live Class, you’ll get a 30-minute 1-on-1 session with one of my handpicked trainers to discuss your unique situation.

The Class Is Safeguarded By My 100% Money-Back ‘Will-Work-For-You’ Satisfaction Guarantee


We offer your complete satisfaction, or your money back! If you’re not satisfied within 30 days, simply respond to your welcome email, letting us know you’d like to be refunded, and we’ll be happy to give you a full refund, no hassles!


The non-performing note business is the simplest, fastest way I know of to create huge cash-flows and big profits. I also know you may be worried that you’ll get to the class and find out it’s not for you. That’s why I’m pleased to offer you this impressive money-back guarantee.

Register for the Big Money from Bad Debt 3-Day Live Class today. Choose the date that works for you – or wait for one that works better later on. Then, attend the first day of class. Soak in all of the information and the real life case studies. Then, if, by the end of the first day you feel this will not work for you – for any reason whatsoever – simply let me know and I’ll give you every penny of your $797 investment back.

You’ll even get to keep the video training. I have no problem putting myself on the line like this. Your satisfaction is the most important thing to me… and besides, I know my stuff works. As you can see, I am the one taking all of the risk here. You have nothing to lose. I am so excited to have you come to a live class. I look forward to meeting you there… and to adding you as the next case study in my successful student portfolio. See you in person soon!

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Founder and President, NoteSchool

P.S. – I’ve done extensive research on this ‘perfect storm’ of non-performing note buying opportunity. I can say with absolute certainty it’s a massive cash-cow, for once thanks to the banks and to Wall Street. Even better, it’s not going anywhere for at least 5 years, but investors who get in now will reap the lion’s share of the profits. That’s what I want for you too.

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