How To Be The Bank… Even If You Have No Money To Lend.
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Fellow Real Estate Investor,

Have you ever noticed in most real estate deals, banks have it easy? Nobody at the bank is out fixing toilets. Or swinging a hammer. Nobody at the bank is dealing with tenant issues.

Banks almost always get their money. On the other hand, when it comes to the typical real estate investor…

  • You’re the one fielding calls from tenants at odd hours to fix leaky toilets and change light bulbs.
  • You’re the one that has to try and collect rent from ‘professional’ tenants who do their best to not pay you.
  • When a deal goes south, you’re the one to get in line behind the bank and just hope there’s enough meat on the bone to get your investment back out.

Banks are the clear winners in most real estate deals… So it’s no wonder Bank of America made 3.1 billion in just the last 3 months of 2014 alone.

Something else most people don’t understand… The big banks make those profits without using any of their own money! They use the money you and I deposit in our accounts to fund their deals. They pay us near 0% to use our money, and lend our same money out at 14% or more…. and let’s not forget the money they collect from us in fees.

No use letting it upset you though. You know what they say… if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. It’s time you become the bank…and get all of the same benefits they’ve been enjoying for years…

  • No fixing toilets or any other repairs or maintenance.
  • No tenant issues (you’ll be dealing with well qualified buyers).
  • No standing in line behind banks or other lenders to get your money back if a deal goes south…you’re first in line, and can profit handsomely even when a deal does go bad.

It’s true. There’s a world of difference when you’re the bank. It’s an enviable position to be in. It’s exactly the position you can be in sooner, rather than later. Even if you have no money down. It’s easy… when you know how.

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eddie “That’s why I am writing to you today…”

My name is Eddie Speed and what I’ve been describing to you is the seller financing and performing notes market – a market I’ve been working for 32 years.

You see, performing notes are nothing new. They’ve been around since people first borrowed money to buy a home – and wanted or needed a way to get out in a hurry.

In a moment, we’ll take a look at a typical performing note deal… But first, a quick definition. What exactly are performing notes?

What exactly are performing notes?


When a borrower borrows money from a bank (or anyone else for that matter) for the purposes of buying a home, the resulting loan is a mortgaged backed note.

For short – just ‘a note.’

A performing note is a note where the borrower is paying the loan as agreed upon – they are not behind on payments. Everybody’s happy, right? Maybe not.

Sometimes people just want to out of the situation, for whatever reason. That’s where you come in. It’s possible to get in the middle of these deals and restructure them to help others and make a tidy profit at the same time.

Here’s that example. . .An elderly couple own their home free and clear. They decided a few years ago to sell their home and move to another state where their grandchildren reside. Unfortunately, there are more homes than qualified buyers in their area of the state. So they haven’t been able to sell the home conventionally. Plenty of people have been interested, but none who qualified for a mortgage.

The couple decide to ‘hold back’ the mortgage. Essentially they act as a bank to a young couple who they believe in – but who could not get financing at a traditional bank. They have created a note they now own.

The home is sold to the young couple as follows… The home is worth $150,000 and the young couple puts 10% down. The resulting note then is for $135,000 @ 8% interest rate over 30 years. Monthly payments are $990.68. The homeowners will then get $372,635.48 which includes all principal, interest, and down payment.

Pretty good deal, right? It is… the elderly couple get to move closer to their grandchildren. And the young couple get to be homeowners – which was otherwise not possible.

So everybody is happy… Except the elderly couple might run into some kind of emergency where they need the money. Perhaps an unexpected medical expense. You get wind of this and decide you’d like to help – and make some profit for your trouble. Let’s say the new owners have been in the house for 12 months and have paid the balance of the note down to $115,925. You negotiate and purchase the note for 70% of the balance – $81,147.

The original owners get the lump sum they need now for their medical expenses and you get 348 more payments of $990.68 or $344,756 over the next 29 years. That’s a total return for you of 425%. Chances are, that money is passive. Remember – you’re the bank, not a landlord.

This is a simple example, but just to give you an idea of what is possible… you could have bought that house with somebody else’s money, making your return on investment astronomical. You could have also bought and flipped the note immediately for a small, but very fast profit. There’s a ton of flexibility in these deals. They happen all the time! Heck, I’ve been doing them for well over 30 years. Now I travel the US teaching others how to buy performing notes and turn them into big profits and cash flow…

NoteSchool’s RICH REWARDS IN REAL ESTATE 3 Day Live Class!


The Rich Reward in Real Estate 3-Day Live Class is highly advanced training for the performing notes industry. Along with my team, I’ll show you exactly how to buy real estate at 70 cents – or less – on the dollar… and you’ll buy only good quality real estate in nice areas, not war zones.

I run my Rich Rewards in Real Estate 3-Day Live Training a dozen times or more each year, in cities all across America. So you might be lucky enough to have one close to where you live. They are totally worth flying for and plenty of people do just that.

At my Rich Rewards in Real Estate Live Training, you’ll discover . . .


  • Just how vast of an opportunity the performing note market is.
  • Why the performing note industry is a massive untapped opportunity (most people don’t know how to make a profit from notes that are paid up as agreed upon).
  • How to negotiate and structure performing note deals for maximum profit (you’ll see how these deals are true win-win’s for everybody involved – including you).
  • How to set your note business up so that you can do all of the work yourself – to increase profits (or even better…none of the work, so you spend your days analyzing deals and making money).
  • How to setup and use a self-directed IRA account to do your note investing (so you can build a note empire and retire rich…tax-free).
  • How to use my ‘team’ to invest in many cities in the nation remotely (you’re in business for yourself, but not by yourself).
  • A secret strategy that allows you to use just $100 in your IRA to get your first note under your belt (and you won’t have to give any of your profits to Uncle Sam…and it’s perfectly legal).
  • 7 performing note exit strategies (these deals allow for huge creativity which can bring big profit upfront AND big cash-flow on the back-end).
  • What anxious money is (and how you can find it and use it to get started – even if you have no money of your own to invest).
  • How to hire a third-party to do all of the loan servicing (so you never have to worry about chasing people for money or handling a foreclosure yourself if it ever becomes necessary).
  • How to structure the paperwork right (so you’ll never have to worry about the many legal issues that can arise when you don’t).
  • How to set up a marketing program to attract deals locally (It’s infinitely better to have these deals coming to you, rather than the other way around).
  • And a ton more… it’s a full performing note education covered in the 3-day live class).
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I’m telling you this 3-day Rich Rewards In Real Estate is jam-packed with information… enough that you should expect to be able to start doing deals as soon as you get back home. It’s a mountain of useable information. However, I am leaving out one of the best parts…

You’ll Learn From Case Study After Case Study

You’ll see actual deals my students have worked on – not made up deals. We’ll work though plenty of case studies and you’ll see why some deals worked and some didn’t. Here’s just a surface look at the kinds of deals we’ll discuss…

Non-Performing Note Case Study #1

Tim S. from Cary, NC…

Successful note investors realize they are in the problem solving business. This case study shows problem solving and creative deal making while combining both non-performing notes and re-performing notes. Tim was able to profit on this transaction because he was able to solve the property owner’s problem.

The lender was selling this note because it had become a non-performing asset. The property owner fell behind on the payments and accumulated a $16,249 arrearage. Even though this property owner hadn’t made a payment in over 3 years, he indicated he wanted to stay in the home, but the bank simply wouldn’t work with him on a loan modification. He had what we call “emotional equity” in the property.


Tim recognized this emotional equity and came up with a solution to the property owner’s problem. He modified the loan by extending the term and moving the arrearage account to the end of the loan. The new loan terms lowered the property owner’s payments by $123 per month.

Once the note was re-performing, Tim sold 82 payments to an anxious money investor and kept the balloon payment and arrearage account for himself. See the exact breakdown of the deal below.

This is a typical performing note deal with good solid profit. Do this kind of deal a few times per year and you’re creating great cash flow and healthy paydays all around. OR… make that profit tax-free by purchasing the note inside your Roth IRA.

Everybody loves real case studies. That’s one of the reasons we use them so much in the Rich Rewards In Real Estate 3-Day Live Class. Students learn the best from real-life case studies too. Here’s another, slightly more complicated – but it shows you how thinking outside the box can save the day…tim.

Non-Performing Note Case Study #2

Brian and Michelle W. from Blue Springs, MO…

This case study is an excellent example of why real estate investors need to add the note business to their investment model. By “papering” their way into and out of this deal, Brian and Michelle were able to make a much bigger profit than if they just bought the real estate. They found a nice little rental property they figured they could purchase at a discount. They made a cash offer, but were turned down. Rather than walking away from the deal they changed the offer.

The property seller accepted their offer of $500 down and a 7-year seller financed loan (note). So Brian and Michelle purchased the property and were now obligated to make payments of $236 per month to the property seller. The cold hard numbers can be seen below, remember, this really happened, no “stories” here.

It’s important to understand… These kind of deals are not exceptions, they are the rule. When you learn to think creatively with a goal of helping others get what they want at the same time. That’s exactly what I teach you at my Rich Rewards In Real Estate 3-Day Live Class. The 3-day Live Training gives you everything you need to get started buying and selling performing notes.

That should be enough to make any investor excited… more deals with much bigger profits, right in your own backyard. Not much competition either. But let me sweeten the pot a little… When you register today, I’m also going to send you the recordings of a previous Rich Rewards Class. The recordings are very similar to the Class you’ll be attending but with some differences too.

BONUS – FREE Recordings of a Past Rich Rewards In Real Estate Live Event

Here’s why you’ll want to get your hands on these recordings…

  • Past events were much different. We discovered since then that our students learn best when we go deep into the case studies. Discussions evolve naturally so all questions are covered off.

    The past events had a lot more theory. By getting the recordings, you’ll get the best of both worlds…the training we used to do AND the new-and-improved training we do now. Lots of theory and lots of true-to-life case studies.


  • There’s a ton of material to digest at the Big Money event. And, while we take our time and explain everything fully, you will be happy that you have the opportunity to review the recordings at anytime – to answer any nagging questions, or to cement your learnings.

I could sell these recordings separately for at least $500…but I don’t. I keep them for Rich Rewards in Real Estate 3-Day Live Training attendees like you.

If you’re still on the fence about attending this event, here’s something to help you make up your mind…QUICK ACTION TAKER BONUS..

Your 30-Minute Fast-Start

I recognize that for some, it can be a little scary getting started – even with all of the information you’ll have at your disposal. Or maybe you have no issue getting started, you just want some help creating your plan. Either way you’ll be thrilled to know when you register for my Big Money from Bad Debt 3-Day Live Class, you’ll get a 30-minute 1-on-1 session with one of my handpicked trainers to discuss your unique situation.

We can use the time to discuss anything you’d like. But make no doubt about it… the idea is to move you down the path to buying performing notes quickly. This FREE strategy session will help you do just that.

By now you know that seller financing and performing notes is a tool you want to add to your real estate investing toolbox. But you’re probably wondering just how much the investment is… Happy to share that with you. Let’s just recap everything you get first.

When you invest in my Big Money from Bad Debt 3-Day Live Class today, here’s what you’ll get…

  • A full 3-day training where I, and other successful investor instructors, will share everything we know about profiting from seller financing and performing notes.
  • Full recordings of a previous session (so you can look back and review at anytime to pick up on any details you may have missed).
  • A gift certificate for a 30-minute “1-on-1” session where we’ll help you create your strategy, so when you get back home you can hit the ground running.
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There’s something else you need to know… The Rich Rewards Live events are held 12 times per year or more. So you can register today and go when one of the Classes is closer to home – or when it suits your schedule. In other words, you can invest today but only attend the Live Class when it makes sense to you. Don’t worry – NoteSchool’s been around a long time and we’re not going anywhere.

So… what’s all that worth to you? This training has been sold successfully at $2,000. And the information it contains is worth at least double that. The recordings are worth another $500 by themselves. For sure. And the 30-minute 1-on-1? Easily worth another $500. That’s a total of $3,000 in value…much more when you consider the deals that it’s going to help you put together.

You can register today for only $797. This price doesn’t even move the needle on the kind of money you can make buying performing notes. Plus… I’m no accountant, but that small investment may just be tax-deductible for you.

Here’s something even better… For that same small investment of $797, you can bring a spouse or a true business partner at no-charge! Effectively you’re investing less than $400 each to learn a business that can literally make you millions over a lifetime. As small as the investment is, I want you to be 100% confident in it, therefore this class is …

Safeguarded By My 100% Money-Back ‘Will-Work-For-You’ Satisfaction Guarantee


We offer your complete satisfaction, or your money back! If you’re not satisfied within 30 days, simply respond to your welcome email, letting us know you’d like to be refunded, and we’ll be happy to give you a full refund, no hassles!


The performing note business is the simplest, fastest way to create huge cash-flows and big profits that I know of. But I also know that you may be worried that you’ll get to the class and find out it’s not for you. That’s why I’m pleased to offer you this impressive money-back guarantee. . .

Register for the Rich Rewards in Real Estate 3-Day Live Class today. Choose the date that works for you – or wait for one that works better later on. Then…attend the first day of Class. Soak in all of the information and the real life Case Studies. Then, if, by the end of the first day you feel that this will not work for you – for any reason whatsoever – simply let me know and I’ll give you every penny of your $797 investment back.

You’ll even get to keep the video training. I have no problem putting myself on the line like that. Your satisfaction is the most important thing to me…and besides, I know my stuff works.

As you can see… I am the one taking all of the risk here. You have nothing to lose. I am so excited to have you come to a live class. I look forward to meeting you there… and to adding you as the next case study in my successful student portfolio. See you in person soon! All that’s left for you to do is…

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Founder and President, NoteSchool

P.S. – Most investors just can’t spot the opportunity in performing notes. That’s exactly why there’s plenty of deals with big profits just sitting there for you to go after. It’s a different way of looking at the deal – where you’re the bank instead of the landlord or property owner (although in plenty of cases you’ll own the property too) and you’ll get paid handsomely for your creativity.

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