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I’ve been doing two to five interviews PER DAY for quite a while now. Things are happening in the real estate world that no one could have predicted, and everybody wants answers and guidance for what to do next. We’ve been hit by a hurricane force storm that’s wreaking havoc with our physical health and financial health.

Any boat that’s tossed around on rough seas needs to be solidly anchored, or it could drift away and be shipwrecked on the rocks. In a recent interview, I was asked what are the principles that keep me grounded and stable when a storm hits.

It was a great question, because it made me have to think. I came up with seven principles that I live by, and I live by these no matter what the market circumstances happen to be.

These may not the seven principles you live by, but they sure work for me regardless of market conditions. Without ‘em, my career would have been shipwrecked a long time ago.


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