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With all of the factors currently affecting the world of real estate, investors are asking themselves some deep questions: Where’s my niche? What can I do that makes me different than everybody else? Will I survive? Are there opportunities I’m missing?

For the last year and a half, we’ve been focusing on cultivating an untapped source of investment money. And it’s a good thing we have because traditional lenders have recently tightened up their purse strings. This has made it harder for investors to buy properties, and harder for them to sell their properties to buyers who can’t get approved for loans.

The most fertile ground for finding passive investment money is from burned-out landlords. These are people who watched HGTV and thought they could become landlords and watch the money roll in. They entered the landlord space thinking profits would be automatic. But they quickly discovered their passive investment wasn’t nearly as passive as they expected.

Rather than sitting in their easy chair collecting rent money, they painfully realized they had to deal with:

  • Rising property taxes
  • Insurance costs
  • Repairs on the property to attract tenants
  • Tenants that don’t pay the rent on time
  • Midnight calls from angry tenants to fix plumbing leaks, etc.
  • Evicting deadbeat tenants
  • Collecting unpaid rent when tenants sneak out in the middle of the night
  • Even more repairs to fix the damages done when tenants move out
  • Vacant properties with no money coming in

After going through all these headaches, these burned-out landlords are perfect for transitioning into passive investors on your not transactions!

How big is this potential pool of investors? To use an expression my dad used to say, “It’s big as a wagon wheel!”

There are 18 million more rental doors today than just 10 years ago. The vast majority of rental properties are owned by landlords who only own a handful of properties. It’s safe to say that at least 30 to 40% of these landlords have had bad experiences and would love to keep making money in real estate but without the hassles.

We’ve put together a program that connects these burned out landlords with note investors like you so you can fund your deals and make a tidy profit.

Your headaches of locating financing will go away, and their headaches of dealing with tenants will go away.

You’re happy. They’re happy. And everybody’s aspirin bottle stays on the shelf!

Here’s to being a healthy investor,

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