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Entity Structuring for Asset Protection and Minimizing Taxes June 2, 2016 | Fort Worth, TX

Why Attend?

  • Learn about the 3 types of risk and liability and what you can do to cover yourself.
  • Discourage litigation against you and learn what to do if you face that threat.
  • How to protect yourself, your business, your investments and your portfolio income.
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The Summer's Best Asset Protection Class!

The 2016 NoteSchool Summer Summit at The American Airlines Training Center in Fort Worth, TX gets rolling on Thursday, June 2nd with a special ONE-DAY bonus class led by industry expert, Dyches Boddiford. Entity Structuring for Asset Protection and Minimizing Taxes is an area every businessperson and investor needs to understand.   (100% of event proceeds are being donated to Montague County Child Welfare Board).

This lively session will discuss:

  • Risks? What are the risks of doing business and holding investments with discussion of structures to protect your investment and personal assets.


  • Advantages/disadvantages to different types of entities . . .Commonly available entities will be covered including an overview of advantages and disadvantages of “C” & “S” Corporations, Limited Liability Companies (LLCs), Partnership and Land Trusts. The objective is to give you an understanding of how these entities interact to benefit you as a businessperson and/or real estate investor.


This topic is timely. Since 1994, the average jury award in liability cases has tripled to $1.2 million and no end is in sight. Good insurance should always be your first line of defense, but consideration should be made of an entity or entities to help protect your personal assets where there is a gap in coverage, a denied claim under the exceptions or otherwise and where a judgment may be for more than your insurance limits.In addition, consideration of the tax benefits of different entities will be covered. This session is intended to give you an understanding of how these entities interact to benefit you, your business and your real estate portfolio.



Dyches Boddiford – is a full-time real estate investor and national speaker. He began purchasing real estate in 1980 while working in corporate America. In 1986 he formed The Oaks Group, Inc. to handle real estate related activities and since 1991 has devoted full time to making this and related companies grow. He speaks from experience in owning apartments, single family homes, mobile homes, buying discount mortgages, making mortgage loans, including using land trusts and land contracts. He is also a Past President of Georgia Real Estate Investors Association. You can find more information at his web site,

Dyches has written books and teaches seminars on Asset Protection, The Corporate Fortress, The Nevada Corporation, Limited Liability Companies & Partnerships, Real Estate Investment Using Self-Directed IRAs, Solo 401k’s, Advanced Strategies, Business Tax Strategies, Estate Planning with Asset Protection, Guerrilla Bankruptcy Tactics for Creditors, The Mobile Home Money Machine, Deals in Dirt, Discount Notes, Hard Money Lending as well as other topics.

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