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In what is now a company tradition, we kick the New Year off with something a little different in the “In the Spotlight” column. Once again I reached out to my colleagues here at NoteSchool, Colonial Funding Group and Colonial Capital Management and asked each of them to share their best advice heading into 2020 for anyone in the note business. You will not find any better advice all in one place than the following!

Since my grade school days, referring to the year 2020 has been labeled as the year of the future. It represents a vision or a way of the future. It’s not the future anymore. It’s NOW! A super competitive market for both your note and/or real estate investing business is our environment, yet it’s surrounded with huge opportunities. So long as someone is willing to extract all the juice out of the lemon, verses only one squeeze. Beware of unharvested profit left on the table. Think creatively, analyze angles your competitors don’t see and all of the potential ways to get the profit that’s there. Remember throwing away leads where you weren’t creative enough is essentially dumping money in trash. The year 2020 will be a landmark year for current as well as future income for those who are (creative) action takers! – Eddie Speed

“Be transparent. It’s as simple as that. Whether you are buying a note, selling a note, brokering a note or raising capital be sure to always be transparent. Transparency is the key to maintaining your credibility and credibility is the key to your long term success in the note business.” Bob Repass

“Don’t get caught in the trap that it’s easier to DO than to THINK. This will be detrimental not instrumental to your business.” – Martha Speed

“In working with mentoring members all year, I am often reminded of a great saying by Charlie Munger, Warren Buffet’s mentor and business partner.  ‘People calculate too much and think too little.’ Why this message resonates with me is that often times when I work with people the number one obstacle in the way of implementation is that people focus too much time on the spreadsheet side of their business instead of looking at the opportunity that is right in front of them.” – Kevin Moore

“The most important thing to remember is to always treat the money that people trust you with as your own; more money will come your way if you do because they always test you first.” – Ben Haught

“There are only two reasons why ANYONE says “yes” to ANYTHING…a fear of loss or a hope for gain. May your 2020 be filled with wise decisions as to which button you push, and when, to get every “yes” you desire this year.” – Derek Stringer

“Definitely do due diligence.  Research taxes, code enforcement/violations and title.” – Linda Risk

‘The best investment you make is in yourself’ – “Nobody does wrong when they spend money to get new knowledge, new skills, and new ways to develop themselves.” – Riley Goff

“Make the best use of NoteSchool’s resources if you have questions on how to review title or document issues. Keep on improving your communication skills to get your point across faster and more efficiently.” – Nathan Cheung

“Markets in 2020 will be in motion at their fastest pace ever!  Investors with a well-organized plan designed to match the motions of the new marketplace realities will enjoy the biggest wealth advances.” – Ryan Parson

“1. Stay Engaged!  It’s the best way to know the changes in the industry.
2. Deploy your funds!  If you have money sitting in your IRA it defeats the purpose of having a self-directed IRA.
3. Record your documents!  When you purchase a loan you must record your conveyance documents.  You wouldn’t want to miss those important notices, including tax notices.” – Susan DeLaGarza

“As each new year approaches, we all attempt to put either a new, revised or old plan in place for business growth for the upcoming year but executing or following through with it sometimes doesn’t always happen. My challenge to you is to force yourself to do it for 2 to 3 weeks so it becomes a HABIT. Make a conscious effort daily to make certain parts of your business growth a HABIT. As we all know habits are not created overnight and doing this will help your business and create a productive HABIT for you.” – Scot Tyler

“Small thinking can keep your businesses small. Always think outside the box.” – Charles Mangan

“Preparation and attention to detail is vital in all business dealings. The best way to learn is through action.  Search for answers yourself before asking others for the answers.” – Angie Repass  

“The past does not have to equal the future.  So, dump the past and make 2020 your best year ever!” – Joe Varnadore

“Find something about the business that really intrigues you and dive in head first… Or as Mr. Speed says ‘rip the lid off of it.’ Get involved with the liaison position and ask for homework assignments. Dig into the Member site and do research on the topics and watch previous webinars. Before you know it you will start understanding more and more of the business. After you start understanding you will naturally want and feel confident to do deals… And doing deals is why you invested in this business… Never run out of questions or the steam to find out their answers. Good luck in 2020… It’s going to be a great year with lots of opportunity… You just need to be educated and ready to seize on opportunities as they start rolling by”. – Matt Edwards

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