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kevinBy Kevin Shortle, NoteSchool

As you are aware, we recently held our Summer Summit event. There are so many things that I could write about! We made numerous announcements of new products, services and vendor relationships. All of these items will have an impact on your note investments. Several of them are “game changers” but I wanted to focus on another item that I know had a strong effect on many, if not all, attendees.

I started to see the impact of this other item during the first lunch break. I had a new member who had run into a bit of a snag on a formally performing note. As a new investor she was facing unchartered waters on a deal in Michigan. I introduced her to a more seasoned member and within minutes was able to refer her to the best attorney in that area.

It’s that willingness to share, help, cooperate and support other members that has a huge impact on the overall success of our entire membership base. This is that other “item” that I am talking about.

At the end of the first evening, I was talking with a Titanium Member who explained to me that over the years, he had been a part of many different investment groups but he had never been a part of one that was so knowledgeable and willing to help and share with other members. He went on to explain how valuable that is to him.

Socializing on the evening after the event, I was able to sit down with several members. The biggest item they brought up was how great it was to be able to network with so many like-minded people. New friendships were formed. Future business associates were created.

To me, this “asset item” was the biggest takeaway. This is why the live events are so important. There absolutely were new bonds built and existing ones strengthened. These relationships, along with expert guidance, will shorten your learning curve, lower your risk and increase your opportunities.

[su_note note_color=”#f1f1f1″ radius=”0″]When it comes to success, Napolean Hill said this:
“Harmonious cooperation is a priceless asset that you can acquire in proportion to your giving”

Thank you to all of you who were so willing to give your time and assistance to others. Congratulations to all of you who went out of your comfort zone and networked with as many people as possible. All of you will reap the benefits.

To see the full potential of your membership, do yourself a favor and attend as many live events as you can.

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