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Any Level of Comfort To Title Policy You Want

“You can get any level of comfort to Title that you want to pay for”

The above is a quote is from Colonial Funding Group’s Vice President of Operations, Susan DeLaGarza. She made that quote on a live panel discussion at a Summer Summit event and it fits today’s video blog perfectly.

In this video blog, we cover a topic that often confuses investors: Owner’s Title Policy versus Lender’s Title Policy.

These are 2 different policies that cover different parties and behave in different ways. As a real estate and note investor, you need to know the difference and when and if you need them. This 7-minute video will lay it out for you just like Susan and Eddie laid it out at their panel discussion. In fact, these slides were created directly as a result of that Q&A segment and make this simple and easy to understand.


Kevin Shortle

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