Creative Deal Masterclass

Turn your trash leads into CASH leads.

As a real estate investor, you are a PROBLEM SOLVER.

Not every problem fits into the same box.

Not every problem has the same solution.

If you don’t know how to structure CREATIVE deals, then you’re going to always be STRUGGLING to succeed, and wasting thousands on marketing.

It’s time to MASTER the art of the Creative Deal!

Join Eddie Speed and John Jackson for a 4 week Creative Deal Masterclass!

Not only will they show you HOW to structure different deals, they will actually be structuring YOUR deals LIVE!

These are not going to be hypothetical deals, but ACTUAL deals that attendees will be sending in for Eddie and John to work together!


Eddie Speed

The nation’s PREMIER note expert and creative finance teacher, having taught countless students and investors with NoteSchool and has bought and sold over 40,000notes!

Since 1980, Eddie Speed has dedicated his life to the note industry and expanded the benefits of creative seller financing for sellers and buyers. Throughout his career, he has introduced innovative ideas and strategies that have revolutionized the industry. His training has helped thousands of real estate investors expand their business model, increase their earnings and build long-term wealth. 

John Jackson

John Jackson specializes in lease options, having operated ‘Leasing to Buy’ since 2003, and executed well over 700 lease option transactions. John has taught some of the nation’s top educators and investors how to utilize lease options to control and purchase properties with little to no money. 

Creativity will always beat recklessly used money – John Jackson


eddie and john will be showing real case studies on:

  • Working with low equity leads.
  • Structure terms that make sense.
  • Control the property with little to no money.
  • Use seller finance to structure deals.
  • Lease options to then convert to seller financing.

CREATIVE REAL ESTATE is going to be vital to your success.

This is the first time the nation’s two top experts in the these fields have come together to share years and years of knowledge.

The market is about to make a dramatic shift, take advantage of this opportunity by registering for this 4 week masterclass!

By understanding HOW to structure the deals, YOU will understand HOW each lead has opportunity!


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