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Industry News Articles

In this week’s blog, I will give you a brief summary and opinion on several recent news articles that affect our industry.

June 1 2017

Nine charts that will help the Fed spot the new housing bubble-Wolf Street

This article starts by showing how the Fed says that bubbles are hard to predict. The author, Wolf Ritcher, lays out his case on how he disagrees.  The bottom line is that housing prices have far outpaced household incomes.

Is Wolf right? Time will tell. In the mean time you better be buying real estate at deep discount. You wont find deep discounts at the courthouse foreclosure sales or on MLS. You get them through notes!

June 16 2017

The Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University released the State of the Nations Housing 2017. The report shows tightening inventory in mid to low priced homes, home value increase, lack of affordable home construction, lower homeownership rates and increased rent.

If you are in tune with the market, the report doesn’t really have any groundbreaking news but rather confirms what one sees everyday.

Acquiring property through NPL’s allows you to tap into inventory that simply doesn’t exist in this report. If an investor can tap into that inventory and then offer seller financing, that investor will find the pent-up demand of buyers. Acquire the property through a NPL, fix and rent it, will also tap into a big demand.

July 18 2017

Wealthy Investors are leaving Hedge Funds for Real Estate-Bloomberg

Ever wonder where people with assets of $10 million to $1 Billion are investing their money? TIGER 21, a high net worth, peer to peer learning community released a report this month that showed a movement away from hedge funds and into real estate. This group has over 500 members with a combined $50 Billion in personal assets. Allocations to hedge funds went to an all time low of 4% while real estate has grown to 33% of their portfolios.

Why are the very wealthy headed to real estate? Safety and cash flow. Sounds the demand for turnkey rental property will continue.

July 20 2017

Data Plays a Bigger role in the shrinking distressed market-HousingWire

Don’t believe all the “real estate recovery” headlines.  According to this article, NPL’s and re-performing loans are still at historic highs. This makes sense because many articles refer to the assets on the banks books and once they are off of the banks book, they are “gone”, at least according to their view of the assets. The reality is that these assets are working their way through the system.

The system is getting much more efficient as more data and servicing companies become more sophisticated. This article suggests that more investors are looking for end-to-end services for due diligence, title, valuation, management and disposition.

NoteSchool and Colonial Funding Group Inc., has been leading that direction for years with our in-house services and special vendor relationships.


Kevin Shortle

Dir. of Training, NoteSchool


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