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We teach a broad range of people at NoteSchool––from top level investors doing hundreds of properties a year, to smaller scale investors doing 5 to 50 a year, and everyone in between.

Plus, we teach lots of ways to make money; such as:

• How to buy a note and sell a stream of payments.
• How to buy a note and borrow money against it.
• How to buy a property with a private underlying
mortgage and do a wrap note.

But whether you’re a top level investor or a newbie, if you know where to find INEXPENSIVE MORTGAGE MONEY, you’ve got the “KEYS TO THE KINGDOM.” When you find affordable money, you can be your own bank!

Affordable mortgage money is now coming from a surprising source: The HGTV watcher. As they watch programs about real estate, it whets their appetite to buy houses from wholesalers, or to become passive investors.

We can show you how to connect with this source of affordable investment money. When you have the KEYS TO THE KINGDOM, your business will take off!

Eddie Speed

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