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One rainy day, a business partner and I were sitting in my truck. While we waited for the rain to let up, we were talking about this and that. Out of the blue he said, “Eddie, you’re a tenacious soul.”

He was too honest to say I was brilliant or good looking. Instead, God decided to bless me with tenacity. That is the one trait that has gotten me through difficult times and black swan events like the one we’re seeing now.

Over the years, I’ve trained lots people with a higher IQ than mine. And lots of them started out in their notes career like a blazing house fire. Then I’ll see them again after some time has passed and I’ll ask them how they’re doing, expecting to hear some great stories. But they’ll say, “Well, I hit some rocks in the road and so I’m not doing that anymore.”

That’s why you need tenacity. It gives you the ability to face and overcome the bumps in the road or whatever black swan event blindsides you along the way.

Your biggest battle will never be in the boardroom, or at the closing table, or on Wall Street. Your biggest battle will always be inside your head. I recently did an interview with Pat Precourt. He’s a seasoned real estate investor and a black belt at the head game. He said he often does an exercise that brings clarity to his head game. On the left side of a paper he lists the things he can’t change, and on the right side he lists the things he can change. Then he focuses his energy on the right side. You should try it. It’ll change your whole attitude and perspective.

How many times have you seen a come-from-behind victory in the last 2 minutes of a football game, or some other Cinderella story where the underdog came out on top? They won because of their focus and tenacity.

How can you tune up your head game and develop tenacity if it doesn’t come naturally? You must decide to be around successful people who have already gotten where you want to get to. Find people with clarity in their direction so they can give it to you. Look around your environment and see what changes and improvements you can make. Choose to be around people who lift you up and stay away from people who pull you down. (The ones who pull you down are the ones who lack tenacity, and they’ll throw ice water on your dreams every chance they get.)

You have to be informed about your business, but the essential part of succeeding at your business is to be good at overcoming the head game.


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