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Even after 40 years in this business, I’m still having “Aha Moments.” They don’t come along quite as often as they used to, but I sure enjoy having ‘em. When I’m hit with a big, new, game changing idea, it’s always a great feeling.

For the last two years, I’ve been helping real estate investors EXCESSIVELY in two different areas. The first is how to use creative financing to buy on terms (instead of just price), because there’s a whole lot of deals that would never get made without creative financing.

The second area has been showing NoteSchool students where to find money from private investors to fund their deals so they could build a note portfolio.

My “Aha Moment” came when I realized how these two seemingly unrelated areas are actually totally interrelated and make a perfect combination! It struck me that you can use money from private investors for buying on terms when sellers are willing to carry the financing, and use that formula to build your portfolio!

Now that we’ve got this dialed in, it’s opening up all kinds of possibilities. We’re now structuring transactions unlike anything we’ve done in years past.

With this new combination we’re closing more deals, solving more problems, and changing a lot of lives.

Here’s to “Aha Moments,”

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