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Why Attend?

You’ll get an in-depth look on the ins and outs of topics such as…

  • Why seller financing is the answer to the mortgage meltdown
  • How to find, buy, & sell quality notes
  • How to invest in notes for your own portfolio
  • The total profit potential for the seller-finance professional
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3 Day Live Class

July 12th-14th: Advanced Course for Note Professionals

This intense, three-day workshop will teach you the most advanced techniques, tools, and tips in the industry, so that you can turn prospects into customers! Discover insider secrets you’ll learn nowhere else. Then you can get onto the fast track to stellar success in the note business!

The sudden growth of opportunities in seller financing has sparked a demand for note education. In response, NoteSchool® offers a variety of training and mentoring opportunities designed specifically for you!

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Through NoteSchool’s Superior Educational Opportunities, you can:


  • Proven strategies you’ll find nowhere else
  • Common blunders you can’t afford to make
  • Historical perspectives and lessons learned

Find & Market

  • Portfolios of notes: Find them, profit from them
  • Real Estate Clubs – Treasure chests of solid-gold note owners who want to sell!
  • Reverse-Ad Marketing – Your untapped source of notes ready to buy!
  • Direct Mail Marketing – Getting the right message to the right people
  • How to get note owners to call you!
  • The Ten-Touchpoint System for building profitable relationships with note owners


  • Have them at “Hello”: Script your calls for success
  • Why it’s not about the money (Hint: It’s about value!)
  • Turn naysayers into note sellers
  • Do the math so it all adds up to “Yes!”
  • Practice makes perfect… deals!


  • From opening doors to closing deals
  • Documentation: Do it right, not over!
  • Legal issues you must know before it’s in writing


  • The magic of partial purchases
  • Non-performing notes: When they’re worth it
  • Brokering commercial loans for mega-profits
  • Alternative cash flows for additional returns
  • How to enrich your own portfolio with income-producing assets that will last for generations
  • And much, much more!

NoteSchool offers the most comprehensive seller-finance training and mentoring that you’ll find anywhere—and it’s taught by the nation’s leading expert in seller financing.

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Introducing the “Notes for Teens” Program

July 11th-12th
Deadline to register: July 3rd

With everything that is going on in the economy and politics today, more and more parents are realizing the importance of educating their children on “financial literacy and responsibility.” Big words? Well, let’s just put it this way, our children, in particular teenagers, need to know how to handle money wisely.

When our youth do not know the difference between an asset and a liability, how can we expect them not to prefer buying nice things (“spending”) over letting the money work for them (“investing”)?

This is the driving force behind our first NoteSchool Notes for Teens event this summer, taking place just after school is out. To make it even more exciting it is being held in conjunction with our Rich Rewards workshop, where we teach you, the parents, the most advanced techniques, tools, and tips in the industry.

The Notes for Teens Program will also be held July 11th-12th at the Gaylord, Texan Resort and will focus on training geared for young entrepreneurs ages 13-19. We will begin with the importance of “Financial Literacy and Responsibility” and continue all the way through to “How to Buy Your First Note”.

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For more information, please contact Sydney Burgess at [email protected] or 800-969-1200.