Day 1 Handouts & Videos

Art of Creative Financing
Creativity Like Water
Eddie’s Theory
Money Board
Session One Day 1 Overview & Homework


Ryan Parson – What the Wealthy Know

Scott Bower’s Deal

Hammelmyer Inv. Group – Notes vs Rentals

Think Outside the Box


Day 2 Handouts & Videos
Morning Handouts

Magic of Partials
Performing Asset Due Diligence Checklist
Quest Application
Session 2 Day 2 Overview & Homework

Afternoon Handouts

Partials Entitlement Graph
Pledging Calculator
Where the Ball is Going


Eddie Speed – NoteTalk on Partials

The Journey


Day 3 Handouts & Videos

$100 Model Partial FlowChart
Mentoring Guide Map
NoteSchool Membership
Sleepy Land Trust


Martha Speed – When Life Stories Live On