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One of the exercises we do at our 3-day trainings is to go to our note-selling platform, NotesDirect, and have the class pick an asset. When teaching the class, we purposely do not review or pre-select any asset on NotesDirect. The asset the class chooses is based upon what they have learned over the first 2 days.

In the past 2 training events, one focused upon non-performing notes and the other performing notes, the assets chosen had some interesting twists and turns which no one saw coming. It was very interesting to see how the “flavor” of the deal unfolded.

Everyone in attendance saw great investment opportunities appear out of the cloud of due diligence.

To truly master note investing, we show investors they have to understand both the number side and the human side. The human side is the story behind the situation. This story is the “flavor” of the deal.

By drilling down on both of these issues, everyone in attendance saw the complete picture of these deals and couldn’t wait to dive deep into another one.

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