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In the last several years we have seen market conditions raise mortgage-backed note investment to the pinnacle of all real estate investing. The supply of these assets pushed prices to historic lows, which created huge profit opportunities.

Is the opportunity still here?

Not only is it still here, it’s better than ever!

  • REO’s and Short sales are OUT, as note sales have become THE strategy for Banks and government run entities.
  • These auctions have increased to about $1 Billion in sales per month.
  • Just last month, a single investment entity purchased the largest pool of notes ever at close to $1 Billion.
  • Fannie Mae just announced another sale this month with $1.1 Billion in assets

How have NoteSchool members done?

As you know, NoteSchool’s motto is “Superior Training, Superb Results” and it’s incredible to see the results. Our members purchased 88% more assets than the previous 12 months. Clearly, they recognize the opportunity and are seizing it.

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