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When you’re ready to go “all in” with Notes, it’s time to come to a NoteSchool Advanced Three-Day Class.

A few quick notes about our Advanced classes: 

  • Our two advanced classes are “Rich Rewards in Real Estate” (performing notes and seller finance focus) and “Big Money from Bad Debts” (non-performing notes focus).  See descriptions of each advanced class below.
  • We hold classes all over the country and in Canada, all year long. The training class schedule is here.
  • The classes move quickly and cover lots of ground. Get the most out of this training by reviewing the core concepts in the homestudy materials (if you purchased them) ahead of time. Plan to hit the ground running. 
  • The classes emphasize actual, recent Case Studies of deals done by NoteSchool students to teach you the Note business. Don’t come and expect to get “lectured at.”
  • We explain current market and economic conditions but only to the extent that the information is relevant and immediately helpful to note investors who are “on the ground,” doing deals.
  • Up to 50% of the class attendees are current NoteSchool students who come back again and again to get the latest market news and note investing strategies and network with other active note buyers and sellers. 
  • All we ask is that you bring an open mind and a good attitude. Our job is to deliver the best note training you can get anywhere. 

See you at a class soon!

Option 1: Advanced Class on Non-Performing Notes

“Big Money from Bad Debts”

Turning Non-Performing Notes into Profits

After this class, you will:

  • Have connected with a community of note investors at all levels: beginner to master
  • Completely understand the key economic reasons that this opportunity exists and where it is heading
  • Have a step by step approach to analysis done on live deals right as if you were sitting next to us in our office
  • See concepts and techniques broken down to a granular level so that you truly end up “owning them”
  • Discover some of the most advanced and most profitable strategies that we have pioneered in the industry
  • And much more…

Are you ready to take advantage of the largest real estate opportunity of a lifetime? This intensive, interactive three-day course will teach you the most advanced techniques for locating non-performing notes, exploring their lucrative possibilities, evaluating transactions, and building your own portfolio or reselling them for profits. 

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Option 2: Advanced Class on Performing Notes and Seller Finance Strategies

Rich Rewards

Advanced Course for Note Professionals

After this class, you will

  • Understand why these assets will be a huge bargain for the next 5 years
  • See a comprehensive analysis on both the note and the underlying asset
  • Learn brokering techniques that can make you tens of thousands of dollars without investing any of your capital
  • Discover our industry changing partial “buy long and sell short” strategy
  • Understand how to invest using your IRA
  • And much more…

This intense, three-day workshop will show you the power of investing in performing notes as well exposing you to the ways that “papering” a deal can make you more money than what the underlying property is actually worth.

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