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Advanced Note Investor Training – Chicago – September 12-14

Special Invitation: “Turning Non-Performing Notes into Profits”

Market conditions over the past 10 years have combined to create the biggest opportunity that the note and real estate industry have ever seen. The sheer size of the non-performing note inventory has created massive opportunities for those who acquire the specialized knowledge necessary to maximize their profits while avoiding costly mistakes.

NoteSchool’s unique approach to teaching these skills is based on 34+ years of experience. This positions us as the most experienced company, counselors and faculty in the industry. The track record of our student’s success is unparalleled.

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The live & interactive 3-day course includes a SPECIAL BONUS on-line course.

Live 3-Day Training

The experience that you will have at our live training is unique to any other course that you have taken in notes or real estate. It’s taught in a manner that will increase both your comprehension and retention.
When you attend this live event you will:

  • Completely understand the key economic reasons that this opportunity exists and where it is heading
  • Have a step by step approach to analysis done on live deals right as if you were sitting next to us in our office
  • See concepts and techniques broken down to a granular level so that you truly end up “owning them”
  • Visualization tools will lay out some of the most advanced and most profitable strategies that we have pioneered in the industry
  • See the actual documents involved in all transactions
  • Feel what “Monday morning” will be like by using actual live tapes (tapes are lists of available non-performing notes)
  • Understand charts and graphs that illustrate the most powerful leveraging techniques (like our $100 IRA technique)
  • Get a drilldown into the primary exit strategies with non-performing notes
  • Learn comprehensive analysis on both the note and the underlying asset
  • Be exposed to brokering techniques that can make you tens of thousands of dollars without investing any of your capital
  • Know how to present yourself and your deal to cash investors that will end up begging you for more
  • Learn our industry changing partial “buy long and sell short” strategy
  • Discover how to make cash flow like a landlord without the hassles of being a landlord
  • Explore ways to invest using your IRA
  • Find out how “papering out” of a deal will make you more money than what the property is worth
  • Read live tapes of re-performing notes so you can truly experience what it means to be a note buyer
  • Learn our “50/50” technique that is filling a huge market demand for turn-key rental property
  • And – believe it or not – so much more

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Live 3-Day Training Focus Sessions

This is a live and interactive training. Not only will you be able to ask questions throughout the training class but you will also have 2 Focus Sessions. These focus sessions allow you to sit down one-on-one with our highly experienced counselors. These counselors will be able to help you develop a plan and direction unique to you and your goals.

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Bonus On-Line Course

This on-line video course is available to you 24/7 and comes with a guidebook containing all of the PowerPoint slides. Here are just a few things that you will learn in this very comprehensive course:

  • The foundational skills required in note investing
  • Why these assets will be a huge bargain for the next 5 years
  • All of the necessary terminology
  • Why lenders sell non-performing loans
  • How to approach note sellers in a professional manner
  • How to analyze a note and the collateral that backs it
  • How to avoid making a bad buy
  • And more…

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