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We did a webinar last week where we went through 3 note transactions from one of our seasoned NoteSchool members. All 3 of these transactions had extraordinary results.

In fact, for many people, these 3 deals alone would have made your entire year. What made this even more impressive is that he didn’t spend more than $4,000 for a single note!

Note 1

This first note was strategically located in a hardest hit fund state. This investor noticed a property that had an artificially low BPO with signs that the owner wanted to stay but needed help.

He purchased the note for $500 (five hundred dollars). Within months the delinquent borrower was approved for $35,000 in hardest hit funds. The state paid the investor the $35,000 and the property owner’s entire loan was forgiven.

Note 2

The NoteSchool trained investor also strategically targeted this note. It showed a delinquent borrower who ran into a rough patch but had a ton of emotional equity.

He purchased the note for $3757. His workout company then showed the borrower how to apply for a loan recast through the HHF. After approval, the investor received $25,000 from HHF to recast the loan.

The investor modified the loan to $50K at 7% for $387.65/mo, which enabled the borrower to start fresh and stay in their home.

The investor collected 3 payments and sold the rest of the note for $22,811.76 to an investor he met at the NoteExpo.

Note 3

This time the investor targeted a vacant home that was in good condition.

He paid $2450 for the note, and his workout company obtained a Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure within a couple months. He then paid around $4k of back taxes and put about $2k into the property.

He then sold the property for $49,900. The new property buyer didn’t need to go to a bank as the investor financed the sale.

He received $3500 down and financed the balance ($46,400) and is now receiving $675 per month for the next 117 months.

Combined numbers

  • This NoteSchool trained investor paid out a total of $12,716.
  • Received $87,474 back
  • Is receiving $675 per month for the next 117 months

Are we saying every deal will work out like these did? Of course not, but it does show the power of training, due diligence, proper targeting, industry awareness and persistence.

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