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Land Trust Creation & Implementation Class by Walter Wofford & Jeff Watson May 14, 2015 | Las Vegas, NV

The Summer's Best Trust Class!

The 2015 NoteSchool Summer Summit at the Alexis Park All Suite Resort in Las Vegas, NV gets rolling on Thursday, May 14th with a special one-day bonus class led by industry experts, Jeff Watson and Walter Wofford. Learn how to protect your personal assets from lawsuits, plus the benefits of both land and personal property trusts, as well as how a trust adds protection to LLC’s and the intricacies of purchasing notes within a trust. This special pre-summit one-day bonus class is $499 – click here to register today! (100% of event proceeds are being donated to Montague County Child Welfare Board).

Here’s a look at what will be covered:

  • Why trusts? Trust Are a Different Kind of Operating System that creates FIREWALLS
  • Mechanics of a (Land) Trust & Personal Property Trust . . . What they are; How they work and who are all the players?
  • Top 10 Reasons to Use a Trust
  1. Privacy
  2. Discourage Litigation
  3. Prevents You From Doing Something Stupid!
  4. Protection from Some Liens
  5. Assemble Investing Teammates
  6. Creative Acquisition Techniques
  7. Flexible Selling Strategies
  8. Selling Partials of Performing Paper
  9. Control more than you own
  10. Using Trusts with LLCs
  • Choosing your Trustee – Dumb as a post or Smart as a Fox? An attorney or a wise fellow investor? Another firewall to prevent stupidity
  • Trust Documentation including . . .
    Trust Agreements
    Schedule of Assets and Beneficial Interest
    Transfer or Assignment of Beneficial Interest
    Certificate or Declaration of Trusts
    Direction of Trustee Deed into Trust
    Promissory Note & Deed of Trust
    Management Agreement plus much more
  • Get your attitude right . . .
    Who deserves to know what you own?
    How About Your Family?
    How about your Banker?
    Would you rather have statutory protection or anonymity?
    Spilling the beans in exchange for Privacy
    Less can be more
    When is a trust a great, good or a bad idea?
  • Practical Issues when Operating Your Trusts
    How Judgments may attach to your Trustee? . . . Or You as Beneficiary?
    How do you amend your trust?
    How do you transfer ownership?
    Should your Tenant Buyers take title?
    How Do Land Trusts End Up On Your Credit Report?
    Should a Land Trust Open A Checking Account? If so, whose SS# or EIN should be on the account?
    Getting Utilities turned on when you can’t prove or don’t want to prove ownership
  • Inner Game Trust Strategies
    Recognizing the difference between getting the forms right and intentional strategies to confuse
    Preempting Non-Authorized Actions by Your Chosen Trustee
    Insurance Issues when dealing with YOUR Trust
    Creating solvable title gaps and why you may want to
    Would it make sense to intentionally file a judgment against your trust?
    Your Honor I can truthfully say “I don’t own that property”
    How to Incorporate Financing Devices into Your Trusts?
    Avoiding Local Governmental Heat; a story of pain avoidance
    Who are you representing?
    How to avoid the public “Shock of Extreme Profit” as a fellow Realtor
    “Stacking The Deck” to avoid lawsuits
  • IRAs and Trusts  – How Your IRA properly owns, loans to or interacts with trusts
  • Don’t Miss the Special Trust Bonus Class – Register Today – Seats are Limited!
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