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Start inflating the black balloons and pouring the Geritol, because I’m approaching a major milestone in my life. You’ll have to watch my video to find out what it is, but here’s a clue: I’m old enough to start pulling money out of my Roth Retirement Account. (But just because I can retire it doesn’t mean I have to. I’m having too much fun working!)

No one can slow down the clock, or stop tomorrow from getting here. But anyone can prepare today for their financial needs in the years ahead. You just need a plan.

We’re here to help build a wealth-building plan so people have financial freedom and steady income for the rest of their lives. An important part of the planning we do involves investing money from self-directed retirement accounts. We deal with over twenty IRA administration companies, showing people how to use money from their self-directed retirement accounts to build wealth for their retirement years. (Tax-free wealth, BTW!) The staff members from those IRA administration companies frequently tell me that the wealth-building plan we teach at NoteSchool is the most effective tool they’ve seen to build wealth for retirement.

So if you want to hear about my major milestone and how I’ve been planning for it for many years, just click play!


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