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I get asked lots of questions by real estate investors. A couple of questions I get all the time are: “What’s the most profitable deal you’ve ever done?” Or “What’s the worst deal you’ve lost the most money on?”

After forty years in the note business, and over 40,000 deals, I’ve had my fair share of ones that went well and I’ve had plenty that went south. But to me, the most amazing deal is not the one that scored one big paycheck. The most amazing deal is the one that led to a thousand other deals.

A deal that leads to more deals is what investors call “scalable.” Or what I call “Rinse and Repeat.” It’s a deal that can be duplicated over and over as it leads to more deals. That’s why I focus on making quality deals that can be duplicated as they lead to more deals and more paychecks. That’s also the type of deal we teach our students how to put together as they structure their notes to build their businesses.

You can’t build a business on “accidental success,” but you can build it with “Rinse and Repeat” deals.

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