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Great ideas start out on a whiteboard. You can communicate things on a whiteboard that you can’t say with words alone. You can write. You can draw. You can scribble. You can create. And if an idea isn’t good, you just swipe the eraser and start over. Whiteboards are constantly changing, and any entrepreneur who doesn’t embrace change will have a very short career.

The whiteboard is not the place where something gets etched in stone. It’s where ideas are expressed, revised, critiqued, scrapped, resurrected, refined, debated, and brought to life. Getting scrawled on a whiteboard is a rite of passage for every great idea or business plan.

If you’ve ever visited our headquarters for NoteSchool and Colonial Funding Group, you’ll notice that the main focal point in our large conference is a humble whiteboard. No Picassos. No Rembrandts. Just a big ol’, jumbo-sized whiteboard mounted front and center for everyone in the room to see. There’s also an open invitation for anyone to get up and scribble on it anytime during any meeting.

And we go through markers like crazy!

When you have a meeting of the minds, the minds meet on the whiteboard. As you erase and start over, it allows you to change your mind—which I’ve done a lot over the years.

If you were to start a company, my advice would be to invest in a whiteboard before you ever buy your first desk. Your whiteboard is where creativity happens. You are paid the most to be creative, so create the environment that allows you to be the most creative.

Long live creativity!

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