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Are you planning on taking a family vacation this summer?

Are you planning on attending NoteExpo 2019?

Do you listen to Podcasts on a regular basis?

Which do you have at your Thanksgiving Day Dinner?

Would you have benefitted from a Financial Literacy course in high school or college?

Did you make a New Year’s resolution for 2020?

How many notes do you plan on buying in 2020?

Do you still have money in the stock market?

Are you interested in attending live virtual workshops and webinars?

During the Covid-19 pandemic are you?

Are you planning to take a summer vacation this year?

Which of these do you have more of?

So far in 2020 have you attended a live virtual event?

Do you plan on voting in this year’s Presidential Election?

Did you attend the Virtual NoteExpo 2020?

How many notes did you buy in 2020?

What note strategy will you focus on in 2021?

Are you a member of a note investing Facebook group?

Do you watch content on YouTube?

Are you at a point where you are comfortable attending a live in-person event?

Are you planning on attending NoteExpo 2021 on November 5th & 6th?

This Month’s Poll Question: Are you planning on taking a summer vacation?

This Month’s Poll Question: Describe the real estate market where you live?

Do you own any rental property?

What Topic are you most interested in at NoteExpo?

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