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At NoteSchool, we are fully committed

At NoteSchool, we are fully committed to educating each of our students to be successful, ethical and responsible leaders in the note industry as well as in their own communities.

When it comes to Community Involvement, we lead by example.

Most recently, we spearheaded a fundraising effort for the Montague County (Texas) Child Welfare Board that brought in over $91,000.

In response, they posted this article thanking Eddie Speed and NoteSchool and sent the following letter:

The Montague County Child Welfare Board is very grateful, thankful, honored, amazed, overwhelmed and humbled at the amount of support we have received from the NoteSchool Charity Event. This is an outstanding group of individuals who obviously care very deeply about children and their welfare!

The Child Welfare Board uses these funds to support foster families and other families who are involved with CPS’s family based services. We do this by providing for the needs of the children in these families from basic needs of clothing, beds and bedding, transportation, utilities, daycare, back to school supplies, etc. to the extras that make them feel like a normal child.

We have paid fees for little league, summer camp registration, prom dresses, senior pictures, braces, Christmas gifts and more. Since drug abuse is the number one reason children are removed from their homes in Montague County, we provide drug education and awareness programs in the seven school districts in the county.

The Board pays for a counselor to work with children who are victims of abuse, however due to her limited time slots there were children she could not see. Thanks to the generosity of the NoteSchool, we have been able to add an extra day per week of counseling.

The Board owns Patsy’s House Child Advocacy Center. This house is used for counseling sessions, non-offending family visitation, parent trainings and by law enforcement for forensic interviews. A portion of the donations are used for the maintenance and support of this house.

The outpouring of support from organizations like the NoteSchool, have us planning new ways that we can do more for our children who age out of the foster care system.

We are working on a plan to help them go to college or a trade school to insure that they have a chance to become a productive member of society and not fall back in to the cycle of abuse and neglect that they came from. Charity Events like this are making all of these things possible and we thank them from the bottom of our hearts!

Thank you,

Lorra Lierly,M.Ed
Chairman, Montague County Child Welfare Board



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