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What is a note?

How Does a Note Work?

How Can I Buy Notes?

Why Would I Need Note Investing?

This Isn’t a New Concept Is It?

Does This Work in My State?

Is NoteSchool a Scam?

When is the Best Time to Buy Notes?

Why Notes Over Other Investment Strategies?

What Happens if the Market Changes?

How Much Does Mentoring Cost?

Is There a Step-By-Step Roadmap I Can Follow?

Why is Mentoring So Expensive?

Why is Mentoring So Inexpensive?

Do You Do This For Me?

Who Is The Mentoring Program For?

Who is the Mentoring Program Not For?

Is Now A Good Time To Get Into Real Estate?

Is It Worth Paying For Coaching?

Am I Smart Enough To Do This?

What is the Purpose of the 3 Day Training?

Will There Be An Upsale At The End?

Can I Do The Business After The 3 Day Training?

What If I Cant Attend All 3 Days?

Is the 3 Day Training Live Or Virtual?

What Is The 3 Day Training Agenda?

Why Is The 3 Day Training So Expensive?

Why Is The 3 Day Training So Inexpensive?

After Attending, Will I Know Enough To Start?

Can Our Family Members Participate?

Who Is The 3 Day Training For?

Who Is The 3 Day Training Not For?

”I look at Eddie and the NoteSchool team as my board of directors. Having them there to answer your questions is invaluable and expedient to have that type of knowledge at my fingertips”

– Joe LaCount