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NoteSchool’s Live Training Classes

Networking + Total Immersion

NoteSchool’s home study course, books, and articles are an excellent way to start learning about how to succeed in the Note business.

But when you’re ready to MOVE FASTER to your goals of wealth and financial freedom, nothing will ACCELERATE the process like attending one of our Advanced 3-Day Classes.

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Why Attend?

  • Superior Training. NoteSchool classes are led by highly experienced investors who are doing the business themselves, and the curriculum focuses on current strategies that work in TODAY’S market condition.
  • Real-World Case Studies. Our Advanced classes give the framework you need to understand the business, but then we quickly go straight into recent case studies that show you real deals, happening in this market. There’s no better way to learn the business than to see what the most successful NoteSchool students are doing.
  • Up-to-date Intel. If there’s one thing that’s different about NoteSchool’s Advanced classes, it’s that it’s common for up to 50% of the attendees to be veteran NoteSchool students who are already active in the business. Why do they keep coming back? Because they know these classes are where they get the latest market intelligence and the best new strategies.
  • Exceptional Networking. Another reason why advanced students keep coming to our live classes is because there’s no better networking than at a NoteSchool event. Period.


Ready to Get Serious?

When you’re ready to get serious about making money and building a real business, there’s no better launching pad than a NoteSchool Advanced Class.

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