Right now, the market is giving us the rare opportunity to fix our sins. All indicators are telling us that we’re experiencing a crash in slow motion, so NOW is the time to unload all the low-quality assets that are holding you down.

Our executive team interacts with the highest level operators in the industry. And we’re all in harmony on the need to act fast to sell any bad loans, foreclosures, or Achilles heel properties that are hurting our companies.

We have a goal here at my company (or maybe I should say a mandate), and we intend to meet it before the election. We’re getting rid of all our low-potential, high-hassle assets before the full force of the crash arrives. We want to be in the best financial shape possible when the storm hits.

Not everybody agrees with me when it comes to the coming downturn. And I’m glad they disagree—because they’re the ones who will be happy to buy the assets we no longer want!

Things haven’t hit the fan quite yet. The HGTV guys are still buying properties, and hard money lenders are still out there loaning money. Even so, in forty years I’ve never seen such a clear warning before the war starts. I’ve got long scars from previous black swan markets because of things I didn’t fix before the market turned south.

This black swan market will bring tons of great investment opportunities after the eye of the financial storm passes through. We want to have fresh horses in the barn when the market turns around so we’ll be ready to hit the ground running when the sun comes out.