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Every year, NoteExpo keeps getting bigger and better than the one before. We just wrapped up 2019’s NoteExpo with hundreds of the brightest people from all facets of the real estate world and the note business. We had discount note buyers, note flippers, ninja real estate investors, and lots more. Read More
Thoughts from the Desk of Bob Repass… Affordable Homeownership is not the same as affordable housing. By reading the headlines you would not realize that most, if not all, the headlines talk about the affordable housing crisis. While there ... Read More
Whether you’re a top level investor or a newbie, if you know where to find INEXPENSIVE MORTGAGE MONEY, you’ve got the “KEYS TO THE KINGDOM.” When you find affordable money, you can be your own bank! Read More
Profitability all comes down to numbers. But lots of real estate investors don’t know that some numbers impact your bottom line more than others. If you want to learn the art of financial modeling and deal architecting, just click here: Read More
Click here and I’ll tell you more about my new free ebook: IT’S A WHOLE NEW BALLGAME WITH CREATIVE FINANCING. Read More
Thoughts from the Desk of Bob Repass… For many years, I have been an avid reader of the Wall Street Journal and without a doubt my favorite column is “House Call” published every Friday in the Mansion section ... Read More
Does creative financing work in highly priced “expensive” markets? Well, in a recent office visit with some of our high-end members, we took a deep dive into how the financial modeling works to show that creative financing is far more than just for “affordable housing.” Read More
This week I cover how using the strategy of borrowing money against a note can generate transactional fee income as well as monthly cash flow. The same passive, private investors you would sell a partial to or selling wholesale houses to are the ideal lenders for you in this scenario. Read More
Thoughts from the Desk of Bob Repass… If I were asked to share one piece of advice that I think is crucial to being successful in the note business it would be “Always put Relationships before Transactions”. That is ... Read More
Watch this quick video to find out why you have to be at NoteExpo November 1-2 in Dallas Read More

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