Most real estate investors are familiar with the famous “Three Ts” of real estate. These are the biggest headaches landlords have to deal with: Tenants, taxes, and toilets. But I’d like to propose that these Three Ts add up to the BIG T. What’s the Big T? Tolerance! A landlord can only tolerate so much hassle from tenants, taxes, and toilets until they decide they can’t put up with the headaches any more. That’s why these burned-out landlords (BOLs) are the perfect source for long term inexpensive capital to fund your note business. Millions of investors watched HGTV and thought landlording would be easy. So they bought rental properties as an alternative to stocks and bonds. But the income wasn’t nearly as easy and passive as it looked on TV. Now these BOLs are turning to notes. More specifically, they are turning to you to fund your note deals. BOLs are a massive force in the market. I get interviewed frequently for wealth related podcasts. They keep telling me the same things. People with money to invest are frustrated with their options on what to invest in. They want low worry, low headache investments. They’re not enthusiastic about the stock market, real estate is the wrong timing, and they’re sitting on more dry cash than they’ve ever had. Here’s why BOLs are so open to investing in your note deals. Dollars invested in a note will be far less than the underlying capital. A 130K note might be secured by a 200K property. Unlike stocks, there’s a whole lot of cushion if something goes wrong. When investors get 6% on a 100K investment, they’ll earn $1,140 per month. Typically, they get their money back after about 6 years, but then earn 6 more years of payments. Notes are perfect for passive investors who want reliable income without headaches. This is why you need to be developing your passive investor strategies.