There’s no way anyone could have predicted how America’s real estate industry would be impacted by a microscopic virus from the other side of the globe. But the lives we lead today are vastly different than how we lived just one year ago.

To many people, the pandemic has been devastating. They’ve lost loved ones, as well their source of income to put food on the table and house their families. The full impact of the virus on the real estate industry varies from market to market. But we’re seeing a crash in slow motion—and the worst is yet to come.

Because the rules of real estate have changed so dramatically, I’ve done a complete update of my popular book Moneyball. The new edition is called Moneyball 2 — Creative Real Estate Financing: The Cure for Thriving Post Covid-19. And I want to send you one for FREE!

If you had the chance to read the original edition, you’ll recall how I observed a parallel between how Billy Bean of the Oakland Athletics reinvented the rules of baseball compared to how creative financing has reinvented the rules of real estate investing. Now, thanks to the pandemic, the rules keep on changing. Fortunately, the toolbox of creative financing techniques gives investors proven solutions to grow their net worth even in a black swan market like we’re living through today.

My new Moneyball 2 edition doesn’t pull any punches. I go into detail on the serious challenges facing investors, and the many challenges that are yet to come. You’ll find lots of staggering statistics that explain just how serious the problems are that investors are facing. But I also explain the solutions that will help you thrive while other investors are losing their shirts.

No matter what phase of the real estate business you’re focused on, the information in this new book will open your eyes. It’s so important that I want to send you one for free.

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