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As our national training teams travel across the country, one of the most common questions we receive is “is there still a super inventory of non-performing loans?” The question is normally asked for one of two reasons: The person learned about the opportunity in notes a few years back, but didn’t take ... Read More
Many investors misinterpret blighted properties to simply mean vacant properties and this is not the case. By the broadest definition, blighted property is an uninhabitable property: It is considered to be dilapidated and unsafe. There are very good opportunities in vacant property and notes on vacant property. Knowledge, experience, and due ... Read More
Please enable JavaScript See why creative thinking can solve just about any problem you encounter. We follow a gentleman who purchased a Non-Performing Loan and subsequently ran into all sorts of issues… Overdue Taxes Decree of Foreclosure Absent Borrower Utility Lien Roof Damage See how he used some creative methods to resolve all these issues and came out ... Read More
What changes will the real estate market undergo in 2017? Experts nationwide are currently addressing this question. They are looking at supply and demand, income and debt, rules and regulations, and the impact of a new administration. I have read numerous articles and the opinions are all over the board. This is ... Read More
The first quarter of 2017 will be a record breaker for the note investment business. Every indicator shows the inventory logjam from the last 4 months of 2016 will be unleashed at a rapid pace. This release will create huge investment opportunities for those who are prepared. If you have invested ... Read More
Several years ago we identified a trend, which indicated real estate investors were increasingly looking for opportunities outside of their state. However, these investors faced obstacles due to market inefficiencies. These inefficiencies included: Market data to identify solid rental markets Issues hiring contractors and other vendors Scalability Property supply issues Availability of financing These inefficiencies create ... Read More
In 2006 a couple in Florida got divorced. The fall out from the divorce could cause a wave of foreclosures in Florida and beyond. Furthermore, it could end up having national implications on the real estate lending business. How it started… Once the couple was divorced the ex-husband stopped making payments ... Read More
I read a lot of articles on the real estate and note industry. When you do it often enough you start to notice trends within the industry. One such trend I am seeing is the fear of another real estate bubble in certain parts of the country. Perhaps the leading cause ... Read More
If you are looking for discounted real estate, you wont find it in the Bank REO market, as inventory is on a steady decline. In fact, yesterday Corelogic reported that Bank REO sales have declined to 4.3% of real estate sales. This marks a steady decline from 2011 when REO’s ... Read More
The fifth annual NoteExpo will be hosted in Fort Worth, TX from November 4th – 5th. NoteExpo 2016 is open to all investors interested in creating generational wealth for their family and passive income streams for their current and future needs. While the opportunity is at ... Read More

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