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”It worked out just like Eddie said! I bought a note from a private owner. It paid off early and I did it all with my Roth IRA”

– Bob Bullinger

Blighted Properties Are A Huge Problem Many investors misinterpret blighted properties to simply mean vacant properties and this is not the case. By the broadest definition, blighted property is an uninhabitable property: It is considered to be dilapidated and unsafe. There are very good opportunities in vacant property and notes on vacant property. Knowledge, experience, and due diligence allow an investor to determine if a property is truly “blighted” or Read More
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[CASE STUDY] NPL in Youngstown, Ohio See why creative thinking can solve just about any problem you encounter. We follow a gentleman who purchased a Non-Performing Loan and subsequently ran into all sorts of issues… Overdue Taxes Decree of Foreclosure Absent Borrower Utility Lien Roof Damage See how he used some creative methods to resolve all these issues and came out on top with a hefty profit! Read More
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Be The Catalyst For Change If you have been following NoteSchool, you are aware we have a ton of case studies showing how investors are making extraordinary returns on their investments. The risk and profit ratios are certainly an important aspect of the note business, but it is not the only one. Behind all of the numbers are people that will be affected by the outcome. As note investors, we Read More
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Eddie Wins Prestigious Award Eddie has been named “Alternative-Asset Investor of the Year” from Think Realty Awards of Distinction Some awards you win, and some you earn. We’d like to think Eddie has earned this award by decades of hard work to reshape the mortgage note industry. His contributions have long been recognized by people at all levels, and Think Realty will name him 2016’s Alternative-Asset Investor of the Year Read More
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